Great Britain fun flights

Hey y’all!

In this thread I will post AARs of my flights through Great Britain. I haven’t been there in a while, in any sim or real life, so I thought I’d just fire up a fast prop plane and see how the area looks, and visit a few places.

This might also be the thread that will finally get me banned from Mudspike, you will see why in a minute. :smiley:

Those of you who live in the UK or have been there, feel free to comment with anything you know about the area or about places I should visit.

So here’s my first flight, from Tempest Airstrip (EGRJ) in Cornwall to Bournemouth (EGHH):

I hopped in to the cockpit and… yeah, that’s definitely British weather. I noped straight out because I want to see something of the scenery.

Much better.

After takeoff.

I headed northeast and flew past Perranporth (EGTP)

And down there is my first waypoint, a beautiful place named Cocks Hill.

I continued northeast. Those bright areas are near St Austell. A lot of minerals are mined here.

My next waypoint was Bodmin Moor, and Cornwall’s highest point: Brown Willy.

I turned southeast and flew toward Plymouth.

Waypoint three, a place called Crapstone. Right between it and Yelverton is an old WW2 airstrip, RAF Harrowbeer.


I continued along the coast, until near Bridport.


Piddle Valley

Flying over Shitterton. That’s a motocross track down there.

Bournemoth in sight.

On final.

Landed. That was a fun flight. Some of those place names are hilarious. :smiley:
Be prepared for more of that.

Btw, the ground crew member there looks almost out of scale with the plane. The P-38 may be a single seat fighter, but it is HUGE. Those props have a diameter of 11ft (3.3m)


Great flight! My Grandfather lived in Exmouth for about 30 years.
On the shot where you head up the coast towards Bridport, you can see a small harbour. That is the Cobb at Lyme Regis. It was a filming location for the old film “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”. I went to school there during my teens.

On the Dorchester shot, you can see the massive Roman fortification called Maiden Castle, just off the right wingtip.:sunglasses:

Looking forward to reading about the next leg!


Cool facts, thanks!

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Very informative. Thanks!

Carry on :smiley:

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Hey, my wife and I still have an inside joke about taking the underground to Cockfosters! :rofl:

Great report.


Here we go, my next flight. I think we need some lighthearted posts right now so here I am.

I continue in Bournemouth where I ended last time. I also just noticed that I misspelled it as “Bournemoth” above but I’ll leave it for comedic purposes.

Ready to go! Again I didn’t use real weather because I wasn’t too keen on flying during a storm.


I headed north and soon reached my first waypoint, Manswood.

From there it is - and I kid you not - only a short way to Ass Hill.

I passed Fordingbridge before I turned toward Southampton, in this shot I am flying over Sandy Balls.

Southampton. The Titanic started her first (and last) journey here.
By now you have probably noticed that I am flying a convertible with an open roof. That’s because I wanted to click outside the main window to pan the map in LittleNavMap, instead I clicked on the canopy handle and POP, off it was.

Overflying EGHI.

Portsmouth. I once met a guy from the UK and I totally could not tell what city he meant when he said something that sounded like Powtsmth to me. Until then I thought that the pronunciation would probably make sense and sound like “Ports’ Mouth”.

I turned northeast and flew over both Balls Cross and Lickfold.

That was too weird for me so I once more headed toward the coast. I looked at the map though and had no wish to see Rottingdean (what the…?!) so I turned northeast somewhere near Beggar’s Bush and overflew Ashurst. (Please tell me it is pronounced Ash-urst and not Ass-hurst)

Near Cuckfield I think.

East Grinstead. I turned 340° here. Could have turned earlier but I didn’t want to overfly Gatwick. Lots of traffic there. So I had to make a sharp turn over Sharpthorne.


My destination, Redhill Aerodrome (EGKR). The place north of it is called South Nutfield.

I flew a few turns just to have some fun and get nicely into the pattern.
Made it into a decent final.

And that’s it for today. Hope y’all enjoyed it!

Next I might do a little London flight, and then I’ll probably head northeast.


Meanwhile I flew a few more flights.
Here is the first one, a little tour of London.

I took off in Redhill. Nice weather!

There was a forklift on the taxiway. Klaus, is that you?

Here we go!

Biggin Hill. Doesn’t even look that big.

Morden. When I visited London in 2000 I stayed with a family there. The name is funny in German because it means “Murdering”.

Wimbledon. I also wanted to take a shot of the Seven Dials (because of Steven Stills’ song Treetop Flyer) but it seems that I forgot.

After discovering that Fullham is actually far less full of ham than the name suggests I flew over Chiswick.

I descended a bit so I would not be in the way of planes flying into Heathrow.
This is probably too low…

I continued southwest until I reached a place some of y’all may know. Farnborough.

From there I flew north. This is Ascot. People are horsing around down there.

Windsor Castle.

RAF Northolt.

Wembley Stadium.

Hyde Park.

Buckingham Palace.

More tourist stuff, like the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.
Keep in mind that I have no addons or something installed, this is what stock scenery in flight sims looks like in 2022. Magnificient.

Over the Isle of Dogs. I didn’t see any dogs but perhaps they meant all the financial guys down there. I hope they don’t mind the sound of 3200 horse powers of freedom.

Greenwhich University, including the famous observatory.

London City airport. Pro tip for visitors: Don’t overrun the runway.

The Olympic Park and stadium.

More tourist stuff, like the St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the HMS Belfast.
I flew over Cock Lane as I took the picture. snicker

The British Museum

Yet another football stadium. Lots of those in London. Arsenal Lonon plays here.

The northern parts of London. I know nothing about this area.

Lakes near Tottenham.

A nice little church. Sadly I forgot where exactly I took this shot. Somewhere northeast or east of London center.

From there I flew south and visited Basildon, and finally made my way to Rochester, where I landed.

Whew. That was a lot. Also the reason for the three weeks of delay before writing the report.
Hope y’all enjoyed it, see you soon for the next one!


These are great!

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I worked in the tower at Northolt for a few months back in 97 or 98. While working there I remember seeing the Gulfstream V for the first time when it landed after flying a record breaking, non-stop flight from (IIRC) Los Angeles. I thought it was a beautiful airplane (and still do). I was flying motor-gliders and Cessna 152’s at the time. The notion of flying a sleek, ultra-long range business jet someday was pure (and very improbable) fantasy that I quickly dismissed at the time. Never say never I guess…


After my London flight I felt the urge to also see what is in the southeast of England before I continue with my flight north, so here’s my little detour to Dover.

I took off at Rochester and flew almost straight south.


I climbed a bit, This is live weather and it did block the view at the ground a bit, but the clouds in this sim just look so nice. The lake in the left part of the picture is the Darwell Reservoir I think.

A place named “Battle”. Since it is just north of Hastings I guess that’s where the Battle of Hastings took place in 1066.


From there I followed to coast toward the east. This is Hastings.

Rye Harbour and Camber

Lydd airport (EGMD), and the large building is the stand-in for the Dungeness B Power Station, a nuclear power plant.

I descended a bit so I wouldn’t miss the cliffs. Almost Vne in this shot near Folkestone. This plane is so fast.

The cliffs of Dover

The Harbour and Dover Castle

Those sure look nice. I have seen them once in real life, in the year 2000.

Ramsgate and Manston International Airport (EGMH).

Lakes near Canterbury.

And of course the Canterbury Cathedral.

And because flying over this reminds me of it: The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer are an interesting look into the medieval period, they were written in the 14th century. I admit I only read small parts though.

Near Whitstable

Sheerness and Queenborough

And back over the River Thames mound, near Allhallows.

Almost there. This is Southend-on-sea. Not sure while so many of those towns and cities have names like that. Yeah, we get it, you’re super important because you are on the sea. Good for you. :smiley:

On final for EGMC. I think it is kind of a stretch to call this “London Southend Airport”. I mean: this is 60km from London, that’s like building an airport near Kiel and calling it “Hamburg airport”.

Anyway. I landed safely. Thanks for waiting for me, big yellow fellow!

Parked. Next up: Fly north.


What a beautiful day in Southend, which is on the sea. (EGMC)


I headed northeast, crossed the river Crouch, and then flew toward West Mersea. In the next picture you can see the River Blackwater and both Northey Island and Osea island.

Here I am flying over the Fingringhoe Ranges (I swear I am not making those names up). Beautiful nature down there, marshes with lots of insects and birds. @Derbysieger should definitely bring his camera.
Further along the coast in the background you can see Clacton-on-sea and Frinton-on-sea (even more on the sea, yay!).

After flying past Colchester I continued toward Ipswich, which you can see in the next picture.
The rivers Stour (at my tail) and Orwell share a mound here (actually called an estuary within that coast type). Fun fact: An author called Eric Blair liked this area so much, he chose to use it as a part for his pen name, George Orwell.

Again I was happy that the P-38 is such a fast plane, it allows me to cover a lot of ground quickly.
Norwich off my left wing. The little airstrip is Seething (EGSJ).

The Norfolk Broads, a huge recreation area. Originally the lakes were formed by the flooding of peat workings. There are over 200km of waterways down there. Great for boating.

I had to take a closer look, so I buzzed the area northeast of Norwich, near RAF Coltishall.

Boats! That’s Horning.

Sadly the RAF Air Defense Radar Museum looks a bit boring in the sim. In real life I would pay it a visit if I was in the area.

I turned southwest for a moment for some sightseeing. Here is Norwich.

RAF Lakenheath and Mildenhall. Not sure why they built two bases that close to each other.

I felt well after turning north right between the two bases.
So it fits that next I was flying over RAF Feltwell.

RAF Marham.

On final for today’s destination. A little bit of crosswind. I hope I stick the landing and don’t make a great mess in Great Massingham (EGTT).

Landed safely. Stay tuned for more questionable puns and beautiful Great Britain scenery.


This is fantastic.

Recommend Bruntingthorpe to see see the cold war jets and raf cranfield for the most beautiful navigation marker ever…

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I just noticed that I forgot to post the map of the last flight. Here it is:


The …on-sea place name thing isn’t limited to “on-sea”…

Newcastle upon Tyne
Stoke upon Trent
Kingston upon Thames
Berwick upon Tweed

It’s quite common with place names across the UK. A lot will then get shortened to just “on”… e.g. Stoke on Trent… then just Stoke

Not sure why they built two bases that close to each other.

During WW2, a lot of RAF bases were built. The South and East of England was like an aircraft carrier. Prime ground which was flat was requisitioned. If you look at Westhampnett and Tangmere bases, they were very close.

It was the same in the East with bomber bases. Lincolnshire is littered with them, a lot still visible in satellite photos but now industrial storage sites.

RAF Mareham

I once went there with work to fix a software problem on their telephone exchange. I spent the day in the equipment room hearing Tornado’s taking off and landing, getting itchy teeth wanting to go out and look.

I didn’t get outside as I was head down in the code, but knew I’d be back the next day to test the fix and would get plenty of time to see them.

On arrival at the base the next morning, my mate was in bits, I was gutted. It was the foggiest day you have ever seen and all flying was off. :rofl:

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Have you heard it’s closed and the Cold War stuff is being moved/scrapped? :cry:

Back in the 80’s, I once cycled down the runway there at an open day, it took bloody ages. :rofl:

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The big stuff is still there but the fighters have been moving out. I flew over there last week and could still see the victor and VC10.

Such a shame. The cold war jets day was one of my favourite days of the year.


Yeah we have something similar in Germany, but only if there are several well-known places of the same name.

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When you do the newcastle to Berwick leg let me know i will wave as you fly past :grinning:


I text when I’m 5 mins from the house



Bruntingthorpe scrapping started today.

Bastards. Nothing sacred anymore. I feel im running out of reasons to like history anymore. Took my son on a very special last ever cold war jets taxi day and saw this beauty taxi and had q tour of it. Gutted.

I assume they are chopping up the victor k2 and the prototype comet as well but i havent got in me to look and upset myself anymore. Sucks.

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