Greetings! Come fly with me!

I love to fly helicopters and I’m currently learning how to fly again in X-Plane 11.40. I’d love to fly with anyone willing. I’ve watch “The Horn” documentary so many times, I’m glad it’s digital be a use the VCR would be worn out.

Just got the freeware 429 and if anyone would like to fly with me, I have VATSIM and JoinFS so we can play cross platform! :grin:

I’m in discord already and I really look forward to finding other digital pilots to make friends with.

Get in touch!


Welcome to Mudspike Kyle! I don’t fly online these days due to work schedule and a rather flaky internet connection, but I’m sure there will be others here who would.

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JoinFS? I’d never heard of it until now. Just downloaded and will give it a go. As for flying together, I’d like to give it a try. I’ve been begging Mudspikers (like, er Mr. Rix above) to try but have been cruelly dismissed. That was before I realized that multiplayer in X-Plane is extremely difficult unless playing over a LAN. So it turned out that my Mudspike friends weren’t so much cruel as smart. I’ve played VATSIM but get tired of having my membership deactivated due to inactivity. It’s like working for an airline without the pay. So JoinFS sounds like it could solve all of that. Thanks!

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JoinFS is a fantastic little multiplayer application that is quite flexible with its models shown.

e.g If i’m flying a 412ER but you dont have it, you can set me as a UH-60 no problem and it will try to accurately replicate the UH-60 visually.

I have the 412, 429, 407, AW 139 and mini 500. What are you using for comms?


I have the 407, 412, and the 429. 429 is my favourite. <3 Glass.

Using discord regularly for text and voice coms. I also have Teamspeak, and I’m able to get any other voice communication software necessary.


I am on dicord atm.

Welcome @UltraWee!

This civi coop MP sounds interesting :slight_smile:
Unfortunately cross platforms is not a problem. For me it is more cross timezones :slight_smile:

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This caught my eye. Does this mean that 11.40 is enough different from 11.3x that one needs to “learn again”?

I haven’t upgraded yet (mostly because I am still recovering from my “ceiling incident” and also haven’t fully repaired the man cave) and quite frankly, without ant ATC update, I don’t think I will.

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No my background was “MSFS : Century of Flight” era helicopters. But 11.40 has its own issues like getting stuck in VRS suuuuper easily and not be able to recover.

Not ATC required flying some bush strips! :wink:

Awww boo. Time zones suck!

@Hangar200, 11.40 is the same as 11.3x except for some minor physics changes. You won’t notice. In any case it should upgrade automatically at launch.


Cool. Thanks. :grin:

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