Greetings from an avid sim enthusiast with a wacky campaign idea

Hi folks,

A friend from a different forum, Schurem, encouraged me to check out this site. I’m super stoked to have found it! I’m an avid simmer of yesteryear who recently got back into the hobby. It’s great to see familiar names and developer presence.

DCS Hornet is what brought me back. Well, that and an Oculus rift. I’ve such fond memories of Graph Sims Hornet and Janes classic that when Schurem announced the Hornet release, I jumped in (with much trepidation… expensive!).

I hadn’t played anything DCS since Flanker really and had no idea how far it had come. I strapped on the goggles, fired up Hornet in DCS 2.5 and BOOM! Flight sim passion re-awakened with a vengeance! Hornet is sooo good!

Perusing the various modules, I picked up Persian Gulf, Viggen, Tiger II and A-10C from the DCS site. I’m as impressed with all of them. The madness spread and I also picked up a used Warthog Hotas.

I’d been eyeing the Normandy, WW2 Assets and Spitfire with this crazy idea rolling around my head. You see, I’d been steered away from DCS with a common complaint that the campaigns were “soulless”. I don’t agree with this, but do find that the content I’ve found has been serious .

Dabbling in programming for my work, and looking at the mission builder, it occurred to me that the platform just might support the same type of imaginative wackiness which I love so much in other game genres.

So I pulled the trigger on the WW2 stuff and decided to embark on building a grand new campaign (with my kids). Introducing Time Pilot.

You see, I can’t think of a better way to kill Nazi’s than with a fully loaded Hornet. For that matter, brrrrrting the hell out of a column of Panthers with an A-10, with B-17s getting shot to hell with a flak storm above seems like my idea of a great time.

Of course, such a scenario could not occur without an appropriately absurd story, including all the twists and turns you would expect from the System Shocks of the world.

So I sat down, penned some characters and a story my eight year old son loved, and got to work on the first mission. Learning as I go, it’s taking shape, and I think it might be fun. I’m leaning on such standard game conventions as high score, power-ups and upgrades to drive gameplay… and of course, blowing up lots of Nazis.

I know this goes against the push for realism and the serious nature of the hobby. At risk of getting shouted off the fence, I was curious to see how such a campaign might be received by this excellent community. I’ve got lots of great ideas, but before committing the time investment… well, what do you all think?

Also I wanted to make sure I wasn’t stepping on the toes of anybody else making such a thing as I am as new to the DCS community as they get.

Apologies for the novel length first post. My enthusiasm does tend to take reign, especially when it comes to cool jets!


Hear that? That’s the sound of hundreds of rivet counters, crying out in terror…

It’s awesome! Make it like the old Biggles Adventures in Time thing and you’ll have a best-seller!

Welcome to the forum and enjoy yourself!






Welcome to Mudspike @Anklebiter :mudspike:

I think a fun story-driven WWII DCS campaign sounds like a great idea. There a lots of people that can offer some expertize as well, like @bunyap2w1, @Baltic_Dragon and @MBot, who’s DCS campaigns are probably the best out there.


Welcome over, @Anklebiter!
The beauty of flightsims is that it will always be a bit of make believe involved. :wink:

Superb first post @Anklebiter !
Welcome to Mudspike and be aware that idea like these are the bread and butter here.
Yes, everyone likes a realistic and respectful approach to the military sides of things but… Everyone will agree that you should also just have fun now an then!

So, please, go on!
I’m pretty sure more than just a few guys here would be happy to help!
And beta test, of course!
Ciao. :smiley:

@Anklebiter, see told you they’d like it :sunglasses:!

Welcome buddy, let the good times roll.


Welcome aboard! I already love where this is going!

Well alright then! When beta I’ll post the first mission to the fabulous section of this site. It is called “Day at the Beach” and starts you off in the F-5. It’s in early stages now, but coming together well. Right now, we are further optimizing FPS and have the voice triggers to do.

The idea of powerups in DCS is hilarious, and it looks like we have some nice built in actions with potential. “Invisibility”, “set on fire”, “artillery barrage”, and “explode anything you see fit” have great potential. As we dig in further, and get more used to LUA scripting / Moose / Mist whatever, we should be able to establish more.

Most importantly, we are having a blast. I’m happy to have found a place where our efforts may be enjoyed by others (and maybe get some pointers when we get stuck).



Hilariously enough, this is making me think of Borderlands. I’m giggling at my desk and getting weird looks from my coworkers.

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… then when the Heatblur F-14 comes out! :slightly_smiling_face:


Precisely :grin:

Of course the Red side needs some Nazi killing lovin’, so the sequel to Time Pilot, will be Time Pilot: Red-emption. Thinking the Blackshark will be great for this. Gonna be awhile. We’ve got lots of great ideas for the first one. Now my focus is to get the first mission posted ASAP and give you all an idea of what we are going for. Gonna be lame for sure, and I think super fun.

Again, if an established builder is already doing this, please just let me know. Don’t want to step on any toes. I’ve only put in about 50 hours at this point (much of it learning), but I’m hella motivated and plan to see it through with full voice acting.

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What? No! Su-25T, the modern day Sturmovik!

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Oh make no mistake! This campaign will be all about power-ups, and upgrades! For sure the Su-25T will be there, along with the Flanker, Mig-29 etc. Not to get too far ahead of ourselves…

For this one we will have F-5, A-10C, Hornet, Viggen (If I can work it in) and Spitfire. Theatres will be Normandy (with WW2 assets), and Persian Gulf. Just think, for a fraction of the entry price of say, Star Citizen, you will be able to play this masterwork!

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Su-25, the -T, Mi-8, Ka-50 and hopefully in due time the Mi-24 would all do great in the time pilot thing.

Oh, that’s colder than Häagen-Dazs!