GRID Legends?

Anyone playing this on pancake?

I bought the Quest one, but got a refund - dreadful graphics. Was wondering what it’s really like on PC. I still occasionally fire up the original - in fact I just started it again on my WinXP rig last weekend, but I didn’t like GRID 2 (too much FMV) and though I bought GRID Autosport, I haven’t started it once, so no idea what it was like.

GT Legends, there’s a blast from the past. I raced this quite a bit back in the day… 2005-2008.

Simbin put out some great racing titles at the time. GTR and GTR 2, notably GTR2. I was heavily involved in a racing league that utilized GTL and GTR2 back then (pre-kids life) :smile:.

Yep, especially with the Power and Glory mod for GTR2. I attempted to get GTR2 working in Windows 11 recently, but ran into the issue of having too many controllers attached. It has a hard time dealing with anything more than a wheel, pedals, and a shifter attached, never mind a bunch of flight sim gear.

Here’s a good related primer on the subject. There is a plugin for Crew Chief that makes it possible.

And more specifically P&G.

A look back at GT Legends


Small error on my part - I still use GT Legends on my retro PCs - I meant GRID Legends - recently ported to Quest 2, but being the duffer that I am becoming all too quickly, I got the name wrong - done that a lot with this game!

So, as I was saying I had original GRID which I liked and GRID 2 which I dumped and then Autosport which I actually never tried, even though I’ve had it installed for a long time (GRID 2 flashbacks likely the cause) - but now wondering if I should splash for GRID Legends :slight_smile:

I have that CC add-on, though not tried that yet, either. I’m sticking with Win 10 as long as I can. They keep telling me my PC can’t run 11 anyway - suits me!

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iirc I have read somewhere that GT Legends has some very good career. to some extent on par with Gran Turismo. never played it myslef though.