Ground attack more fun then dogfighting?

I’m starting to think playing in the ground attack role is more fun then playing as a pure fighter? Or, maybe it is just the fact I cant Dogfight to save myself!

I have a short compilation of some of the ground Attacks I have done!


Definitely agree.
I do enjoy some air to air now and then, but for me the real fun is in ground pounding. Which night be a reason why my favorite planes are all fighter bombers or attack planes, such as the F-18, A-10, FW-190A8 and so on.


I like both. But nothing boosts my ego like an air to air guns kill. Especially if I ever manage to get @Franze in my sights :rofl:


VR ghosting kinda ruins fragments in loose formation for me (DCS) . But even if I could run full refresh , I’m just redneck enough to appreciate the (much !) bigger booms available to mud movers :slight_smile:

Never forget…“Fighter Pilots make Movies…Bomber pilots make History!!!”


It’s amazing how different the two are; my sources indicate it can be fuel for a…errr…‘spirited’ rivalry in RL too.

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Close. :innocent:

Video Source:

Another Mudspike derailment it seems. I must be channeling @Hangar200. :upside_down_face:

Mud moving is my thing too @il2crashesnfails. As a dogfighter I am strictly a target.



I always enjoyed the sbd in il2 for dropping bombs, also the TB3 full of human players was a great experience especially when we got to drop the bombs :blush:
Also apart from the choppers in DCS which where my real love lies, the A10C has been the bird I have done most of my flying in. And that is one great platform for delivering pain, the AA part is a bit meh, though it does chew choppers up very well :ok_hand:


Blowing something up is, well heck, just fun (even if it’s only pixels)!

I do A2A simply to see how long I can keep the “picture”. Rarely lasts much beyond the first salvos & evasions. Watching the opponent go down in flames doesn’t trip my trigger, it’s just surviving.

Laying a stick of ‘snakes’ across the target now, that’s a blast :wink: (after the high-speed, low level ingress & pop-up).

Hmm, wonder if a shrink might earmark certain personality traits based on the preference between these two types of operations; aggressive tendencies (‘lording’ over an opponent) vs…er…whatever the other one would be.

I’ve been out in the sun all day. Does things to the brain :slight_smile:

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I used to fight MMA. A2A fighting is like wrestling or jiu jitsu. A game of guile, agression, patience, balance and (irl) strength.
It’s not about “pwning bishes”, but measuring mental and physical strength to an opponent who you respect and honour.
A fighter who is in it to ‘lord it’ over his opponents is an asshole who will not get respect from his opponents and teammates. Something that will get you hurt badly on a mat and in the ring. They usually are worse fighters too, as they see only themselves, not their opponents (or sparring partner) and are blind for nuances in balance and position.

Yeah, I probably used a bad reference there…framed by my experience seeing too much “selfish aggression”. I’m more along the “Sheepdog” lines (as per Dave Grossman).

That makes sense, in a lot of other professions too.

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