Ground Branch (2023)

I get that the idea of having a “highly skilled” ai is to make it challenging. The issue is that the entire point of using a tactical team and good tactics is to make it as unfair as possible for the bad guy. Getting into an even exchange gunfight with a suspect even after you’ve used all the right tactics just shouldn’t happen all that often.

@Harry_Bumcrack, Ground branch isn’t a tactical shooter in the ARMA sense for single player. If you don’t mind solo work, it can be fun, but it’s more like a more realistic death match game right now in SP.

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Roger that. Aware that current SP missions are ‘lone wolf’. Just wondering if they are worthwhile or if I will get bored quickly?

Ummm, SGT Murphy would beg to differ:

“If your attack is going really well it’s an ambush.” and

“No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”


(For the record - I know you do this sort of stuff for real. I just couldn’t resist)

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I’d say wait to pick it up until they add in AI squad mates (unless you’re really into playing lone wolf missions in arma 3).

When they do I bet it’ll be worth it, but right now not so much (for single player).

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I’m with @speck, if you enjoying lone wolfing it, it’s a fun diversion.


Thanks guys. I might put it on the back burner for a while yet.

I have been waiting for next month to roll around so I could use my next month’s worth of off-peak data downloading Red Dead Redemption 2. I picked it up during the Summer sale but haven’t had the data allowance to DL it… Until now.

Got an email from our ISP this morning announcing a new satellite plan that I can change to:

Same speed 25Mbps down 5Mbps up - but I could see ‘bursts’ of up to 60/20 off peak depending on network load.

Off Peak is now 0000 (midnight) to 1600. Currently 0100 - 0700

Unlimited data (except video streaming and VPN during peak hours, 1600 - 0000 which is capped at 50GB per month). Currently 90GB peak and 125GB off peak.

And it is $15 per month cheaper and will be activated within the next 48 hours.

Harry has a happy :partying_face:


Congratulations! I switched to a new unlimited plan after consistently exceeding my 100GB/Month allowance several months in a row (household full of Netflix watchers plus DCS/IL2 updates didn’t help!) and saved money despite the higher base cost. :grin:


Cheers. The past couple of months since I bought a 4TB ‘backup’ SSD have killed me WRT data limits - I migrated my Steam library over and reinstalled + updated all those games that I had on an external backup (and bought RDR2 now I have the disc space). Because I am a RPG tragic (and completionist) I reckon RDR2 will keep me entertained for some time to come :wink:

The ISP email was a bit creepy “Hi, It looks like you have been downloading a lot of games recently, you might want to take advantage of a new plan that we are launching today…”

At least I was probably profiled by a machine… probably :thinking:

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Nice footage of these guys using the IR illuminator attachment to their weapons.

Neat video of some people playing team vs team with specific rules.

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A very intense cooperative night raid for intel.

V1033 is now officially LIVE on the main branch!

Full release notes (and they are full) in either link below:

Steam GROUND BRANCH - Build Update #040: GROUND BRANCH V1033 now LIVE! - Steam News Build Update #040: GROUND BRANCH V1033 now officially released! – GROUND BRANCH

Massive thank you to all of you who were around, giving feedback and reporting bugs for the community test branch!

Enjoy the weekend and try not to break this release too fast. Cheers!

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Initial preview of the upcoming update to Ground Branch.

Intel Report #015: First V1034 Previews – GROUND BRANCH

Female character models? :roll_eyes:
sigh I’d rather they put that time and energy into the rest of the game like the team AI instead of adding something that doesn’t happen in real world in a game that’s supposed to mirror said real world…

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Sorry. What? About bloody time if you ask me!

Some of the best operators I ever served with were women. It is not just me that thinks so, check this out and while you are at it pay special attention to Shannon Kent.


Yeah, with massively reduced entrance and fitness requirements to be ‘inclusive’… All the Tier 1 operators I’ve heard say they do not want women working in that area for many reasons. I’m not saying they aren’t involved in these units but frontline fighting forces isn’t a good idea.

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Um, once again sorry but that is not correct. And physical strength (which I think is what you are getting at there) isn’t everything. All I will add to this conversation is:

I have supported, kept up with in the field and earned the respect of SF soldiers from Australia, the US and UK. At the same time alongside me were women. Some of whom were fitter, smarter, more compassionate and in every way a better soldier than I could ever hope to be.

I will give you one example of a young lass who worked for me and after watching ‘Aliens’ for the first time in about 2004/5 insisted on carrying a MAG-58 on our next patrol. At first I thought no effing way, she was only 5’6" and weighed probably 50kg. But she did it, acquitted herself well and not only earned the nickname ‘Vasquez’ but by the end of the tour had also earned a Sherwood Green beret - she never did selection. She didn’t have to, the lads gave her one.