Ground Branch (2023)

Test build 1033 has been available to the community if they so choose. Developers are almost there. They released another patch today fixing and tweaking the test build. Soon the rest of us will be able to check it out. From what I’m reading and seeing, looks pretty promising. Here’s a nice cooperative example of gameplay.

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Another pretty neat video of the guy using and testing the new sniper weapon with night vision gun sights.

It’s developing slowly, but nicely. I’m real happy with 1033 thus far.

I’ve been waiting for the public release vs trying the beta. Already doing DCS beta, that’s enough for me! Not that I don’t have other EA games like Ready or Not, Gunner HEAT PC, and so on, but I can wait for the GB update to be more “cooked”.

I hear you. I can promise you that hotfixes and the like are more forthcoming than in most with the 1033 beta, but I definitely get the reluctance to deal with the bovine by-product.

I was doing the same, waititng for the early access release instead of the super duper early access release… but I’ve been wanting to get my video series done on the state of the game, Ground Branch being the last one… decided today to just download the new test version, plan on doing my look tomorrow.

But to be honest, a lot of steps forward but some back also… it feels more like a regular game now with all the ui clutter, and just doesn’t seem as tight as it was. Like the new features but at first look today, wasn’t impressed.

JMO, and still my favorite EA game right now. :wink:

If it wasn’t for Ready or Not’s Marvel supervillain AI, it would definitely be my top one right now.

Gunner, HEAT, PC! is really good for what it has, but needs a lot more dev time to be a real “game”.

I think the AH-64, Viper and Hornet in DCS world are my top EA releases right now. :smiley:

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did the MS challenge, tried maps and gear in SP, did some MP coops one or two patches back.

good tac game sandbox. it can be challenging but it lacks some dynamic aspect. we will see what the final product is going to be. whether tac sim sandbox or tac game with content.

does the devs have any roadmap published?

GROUND BRANCH Roadmap | Trello

thx. I think I partly understand. but …

This list [column] is for Near-Future features and content.
Columns to the right of this include all other features (by category) that are not expected to be either in the next update or any short-term ones—though they may be moved over at any time.

why the heck then is Completed column to the right of Near-Future column ? I would place it as a first column instead. but maybe there is a reason that it is like it is.

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Did they fix the issue or the AI apparently having NODs regardless of the visual model of difficulty setting? Stopped doing night runs after the 4th time I got headed shot’ed by an AK in a minimal illum night at 75 yds.

Yes. In fact that is one of the features/fixes that people are really raving about. Finally, night operations actually work. The AI will shoot you however if you walk into the light or for example light them up with a flash light. The AI will then shoot towards the light.

Also, I think (but don’t quote me on this) I’ve read where they will also shoot or at least move towards sound if they hear you walking or making noise close to them.

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Developer showing off the “AI Light Detection”.

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Developer “White Out” VFX.

Developer showing off that “Flashbangs” actually work on AI.

One more video here, seven minutes. Shows five players in a cooperative game working as a team using night as a weapon. Shows new features in the game. AI cannot see them as they stay in shadows in the forest and pick them off. Now, a scene or two where the AI starts attacking or at least moving in there direction due to the sound of their rifles (without silencers) and muzzle flashes. Good video showing the new lighting and night vision lighting effects.

Best watched in 4K.

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I’m on 1032, I look forward to trying out some night ops whenever 1033 goes live.

Same here.
The uber AI in Ready or Not really annoy me, so if GB has more realistic AI that will be a treat.

I have actually had this on my ‘wish list’ for over a couple of years now… waiting for it to come out of early access!

I don’t play many FPS games these days, ARMA 3 is about it, and pretty much SP exclusively - due to time zone, latency, and the ‘usual suspects’ on public MP servers.

So is it worth picking this up now, or wait for AI squad mates?