Ground Branch

Ground Branch is tactical shooter in the form of the old Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series.
I don’t know why I haven’t made a post about it earlier? I probably have, but couldn’t find it.
So here it is again


I seem to recall that there has been some discussion of it here. I’m was part of the Early Access group for this game; its tactical intent has always been solid but progress has been very slow and intermittent. If you had been fourteen when the game was first announced, you’d be twenty now; it’s just toooooo slooooow.

Ground Branch can go jump in the lake. I’m tired of them wasting my hype train time going on ten plus years now. :grin:

For example, here’s some Ground Branch codger recently demonstrating some sort of cover system? Seriously … who cares??? …

This is what they’ve been up to after ten years? Come on guys, maybe find a better use of your time.

Just in case- news in!

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So, I was on this since the beginning, but like most others gave up on it… now that a playable build is out, PREVIEW… Work in Progress… still… I played it last night, solo, couldn’t find any MP games… it’s an old school tactical shooter, looks and plays nice, not to impressed with the movement, seems way to slow… it’s tough, the AI see you from a pretty good distance… but I can’t help to think this is 5+ years too late…

Anyway I broadcast it last night, walked through it all, if you watch might want to fast forward to the middle for actual gameplay…

Would like to eventually connect with a few for some terrorist hunt testing thou. :wink:

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Screens and opinion.

OK, last one, I know this is a “in the sky” group, lol… some kills, finally… officially out today as a preview on Steam.

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Man I didn’t know this was still under development. Wasn’t it first announced back in like 2010 or something?

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I came here to see if anyone had got it yet and how it was, looks gooood!