GTA V and Self-Driving Car AI

I guess this makes sense. Use an open-source AI car driving framework to drive around the world of GTA V. It just uses images rather than sensors but seems to do ok.

Some traffic:

Now, would it be cheating if I did something similar in Elite Dangerous and used it as an autopilot, even just in solo? I could go to bed and the AspX would fly itself to Colonia overnight :slight_smile:


But think of all the exploration data you’d miss out on (seriously I found like 6 unique Earth-likes on my way out here).

Also, can you transport an extra advanced discovery scanner on your way? Asking for a friend.

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We could train it to honk at intervals. I guess it could be trained to do simple A-B trade routes as well. So basically play the game without any of our involvement. Run an AMI Windows instance in the cloud and not even have to install the game locally at all. The has incredible potential for not being any fun whatsoever and solidly pointless. :slight_smile:

We’ve all been talking, and it’s getting to the stage of an Elite Players Intervention Nuke - you’ve got to let go, just take that first jump back, it’s just credits, you don’t really need that Explorers Elite badge etc :wink:

Cue the overly dramatic article where some experts claim that gamers are going to lose their entertainment to autonomous gaming in the next decade. Guess they will have to go outside and mow the grass or something…oh wait…