GTX 1070, Which Card?

I have always been kind of a Gigabyte kind of guy, right now, in Canada atleast, they all seem to be back ordered. Question is, should I wait for them to be restocked, or am I being silly not looking at another brand, and if so, what other brand should I go with? I am looking for similar performance and such to the: GV-N1070XTREME

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You guys think this is a decent card, never had a MSI before I think…

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I have never had an issue with my EVGA GTX 570. I was looking at going with them again. I also looked at ASUS.

I do believe MSI is fairly good. Mainly heard their name when looking at motherboards though I think.

Also looks like newegg has Gigabyte cards…

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Yeah, that is the US newegg, I am looking at the Canadian one :frowning:

Dunno if I can be patient enough to wait, besides there is a small window where the wife will approve a 600 dollar purchase lol.

Does the US newegg not ship to Canada? Or am I missing something there? Been a few years since I was in Germany but I seem to remember ordering from newegg and amazon all the time. All though it was an US APO address they shipped to so that could be it.

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It does, but the Canadian dollar is poopy right now, probably be even more painful to order from there.


Maybe this one or the MSI one at this point…

EVGA has always been good to me, but I have never used anything else. I should point out that I dont overclock anything so that might be why I never have any issues.


I use an MSI 770 and it’s served me well.

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I too have been happy evga. Ive overclocked a bit with their cards and had no problems.

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EVGA has always been good for me. I tend to do my shipping between NCIX and And honestly, although I have had no issues with EVGA, MSI and ASUS were my previous choices and I had no issue with them.

This one is equivalent to the MSI one linked above and the same one as the EVGA listed above (but from Canada’s Newegg):

Hence my reluctance to get a Vive at this moment :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys, at the end of the day, I hope to be rocking a 1070 of some sort :slight_smile:

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Same here on the Rift, when you do the exchange it asks if you want to pay with your arm or your leg.

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That’s a steal… They’re giving you the option.

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Palit may also be an option. At least I don’t know anyone who ever had problems with it. I am using their Jetstream GTX 770 myself, with no problems at all.

Went with the EVGA FTW GTX 1070. All I can say so far is wow… I didnt think Nevada could look any better :slight_smile:


I also have a GTX 1070 (well, I have a completely new PC: i7 6700K, Asus ROG Maximus VIII Ranger, 32GB G.Skill Ripjaws). I went with the Gainward GTX 1070 Phoenix (the card is massive!). I’m really impressed as well. I can max out visibility range and as long as I have the mirrors off I can do a high speed, low level pass over the Vegas strip at 60fps+, breaking windows in the process. Even with temperatures around 30°C in my livingroom it barely turns on the fan, even ingame which makes it a very quiet system.

The new NVIDIA GPUs are very impressive indeed.