GTX 1070

Just picked up an ASUS GTX 1070 for $409 w/ some assassins creed game.

  1. Was this a good deal?

  2. Should I be able to run the deferred shading with anti-aliasing on in DCS 2.0?

Thanks. Will be shutting her down shortly to install.

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What resolution are you looking at using? At 1080p you should be fine in DCS 2.0. At anything higher than 1080p you’ll have to sacrifice some view distance for frames.

i only play on 1080p, i dont have a very good monitor. Its a 42" 1080 tv.

Got her installed, did a quick test.

In the Mirage down vegas strip at about 700 knots 400 ft, keeps low 40s to mid 50s FPS. This is with ultra view distance 8x AA and Deferred shading. At 5k ft it hums around 70 FPS. Very pleased with the card. The deferred shading still has a ways to go though, makes the hud and canopy glass weird on several modules.

Highly recommend the 1070 for anyone looking for an upgrade.


That’s a great price Gunny and congrats on the purchase. It is nice to see the price start to come down from the Bit Miners over-inflation.

I know @Navynuke99 is also in the market - Navy take a look at this at $399.00:

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The 1070 is a very good card and the price drops are due to the new 1070Ti edition (which is pretty much in the 1080 power/price range). The new Assassins Creed Origin’s game is fantastic by the way, pretty much as good as Black Flag and much better than many of the recent ones.

I bought my 1070 back in Feb. It was $388 at the time, but I had $75 in gift cards so it ran me only $313.

Today it’s running $430, same card, same vendor, AFTER the price has come back down some. Glad I didn’t wait longer, that would’ve been painful.

Yeah, I was going to say that it’s a very rare case of hardware appreciation.

On a side note, I’ve run some testing in some games and it’s running pretty much everything maxed at 1080p well over 60 FPS. Most games don’t use more than 4 gigs of vram, so 8 might be overkill.

Also, the Origin Access program is really sweet. $30 bucks to get a bunch of current AAA games. I played assassins creed, mass effect, and battlefield 1. The temps are cooler than my 970, but I have noticed the cpu temps rose slightly. Maybe it is working harder now?

I may be able to postpone the new PC to next year, but thanks for the thread, it is very informative and met help with my decision. :slight_smile:

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Ethereum mining means that you can pretty much get the GPU card to pay for itself in about a 2 month time-frame, so many people are joining mining groups and leaching off their parent’s electricity bill. It’s hitting prices all over the place for non-gaming reasons.

Bitcoin is one weird and crazy world. I dabbled just to sort out in my head the technical bits, but I can see why people get into it. I don’t want to clutter up this thread about it, but if anyone is interested then holla and I’ll write it up.


Would be great to know more. What about a new thread in the Hanger?


Will do, I’ll have to put some disclaimers around it though - I don’t want someone to build a 6 card 1080ti build in some esurience excitement only to watch the price crash tomorrow and then blame me! :slight_smile: