Guardians of the Galaxy

Today I tried something a bit different. This had been sitting in my Steam wishlist since not long after it was released and even though I picked it up on special and downloaded it a while ago I had never played it, despite the positive reviews.

So, rather than let it join my ‘Steam Library of Shame’ i.e. purchased but never played I have given it a go. I am playing with the easiest possible settings in order to experience it more like an interactive movie, but the Boss fights are still a challenge (only one so far).

The levels are totally linear and the combat is about mashing the same combo over and over again, but the dialogue and story are really well done. IMHO if you liked Jedi Fallen Order and you like the Marvel Universe (particularly GotG), I think that you would like this.

Oh yeah, and like the first movie it has a rocking 80’s soundtrack that really speaks to me :wink:


My wife wants that game. She loves guardians.
Might grab it for her in the sale. Thanks for the recommendation :grinning:

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