Guess I'm gonna have to build a bigger garage



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Wow! That’s awesome!

  • Girl sold separately…

Good, I have a wife and two daughters, I dont need any more of those in my house :smile:

That’s quite a unique take on the full motion simulator. Would be interesting to know though what the cutoff frequency is, i could imagine that that system has problems transmitting higher frequency vibrations onto the cage.

Why do they always use a small petite person? I need to know how that thing will function with my 6’2" 250 lbs butt in there. Not some 5’5" 110 lbs person.

That video made me laugh an excited laugh before I even saw the video :smiley:

Can you imagine being walked into that building and asked to be the test participant.

“OK…we are going to strap you into that seat there in the middle of that web of wires. Then, these high speed motors are going to pull you all around the room and high speed and we are pretty confident that none of the cables will snap and whip back to decapitate you, or that our program won’t go crazy and induce some sort of spine breaking G force on you… Now, just sign right here…”

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I’m one step ahead of you, i already mused about what would happen if you hooked up GLaDOS with its control software. :smile:

Just to put on my nerd hat, wizard’s robe etc but apart from trying to kill that poor girl I’m not completely sold on this (adjusts spinner on top of hat).

My main issue is that acceleration for sims doesn’t have to be so big or linear to fool the ol’ brain, as in you can wiggle someone a lot less in the XYZ and still get a good ‘I’m there, help!’ impact. It just seems so inefficient. “:eyeglasses: pushed up nose”

For large scale simulators I think they often utilize that you can ‘reset’ by slowly going back to the middle and then do the initial direction shift (‘ah we are falling!’) but not have to ‘fall’ so far, as in, with a VR unit you can fool people with much less effort and shifting.

Still, I guess you could cut a wire at a time for some sort of Bond movie elaborate threat - “No Mr Oculus, I expect you to die!! wahaha”. Spling!

Frog is correct… The full motion sims I fly for training each year are already pretty good at tricking the mind. They tilt backward for acceleration, forward for deceleration…etc… They do this somewhat rapidly at onset, then slow…then ease back toward center to get ready for the next sensation. It is quite well done for the relatively subtle maneuvers of flying a civil aircraft…

vertigo city :slight_smile:


Nice - I played on one of these full motion combat sims that they have in the Seattle Air & Space museum (recommended if you are nearby). They are two seater’s (side by side, a la A-6) and my 13 year old daughter got fairly discombobulated as I spent pretty much the entire flight inverted. :smile:

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