Guilty viewing

Already did. Brilliant! Phenomenal!

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Wow. This kind of resembled me trying to fly the Phantom during the MP event a couple of weeks back.


Decades ago my son coined the phrase “boat ramp bloopers” (long before I heard this term anywhere else and before the internet was a big thing); he spent several hours hanging out at the ramp.

When I was a fishing guide (driving a 21 foot boat regularly; to/from a boat ramp) I observed two primary blind spots when it came to “the general public” and operating boats:

  1. Little understanding of mass/inertia + wind & current
  2. No time spent preparing - thinking about the problems at hand
  3. A lack of concern for others; how your buffoonery effects those around you
  4. Allowing their ego to override common sense & safety

Okay, that was more than two. The environment I navigate in is pretty benign too, yet many still ham-fist it. I (along with the other guides I knew) purposely avoided the ramp during peak times.

I fish from a kayak now, too.