Guitar Pron

In an attempt to help @Troll rationalize his indulgence, I thought I show you my very own latest indulgence.

A guy i know from University recently sold this for a reasonable price, and since I’ve always wanted a PRS and the color is perfect, I bit the bullet. Mind you, this is not an American made PRS, those cost at least 2-4x times as much as one of these, but it’s a good start. I’ve ordered some locking tuners and a syringe of Big Bends Nut Sauce and I bet she’ll be in fine shape.


Thanks! Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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That’s a coincidence btw. No pun intended.


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WTH is nut sauce…?

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You apply it to the nut¹ and it reduces the friction between the strings and their respective slots in the nut. This in term helps the guitar stay in tune when you bend strings, because they return more closely to the previous equilibrium tension. Additionally it helps keeping strings from breaking at the nut from friction.

Really expensive guitars usually have very precisely cut nuts that aren’t so prone to letting the guitar go out of tune. As you approach the cheaper end of the spectrum, your mileage starts to vary. I’ve done it myself once, so I can safely say that cutting a guitar nut is an art form.

¹ That’s the thing on top of the neck that keeps the strings in line between the tuners and the fretboard.

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Ah! I don’t know much about guitars besides liking the sound they make :slight_smile:
I have been thinking about taking guitar lessons… My daughter seems keen to learn, so I thought we’d do it together. And since I have concluded I only have this one life…


Congrats on the purchase @sobek !

That looks like a high quality guitar all right! What kind of music do you play? Do you often go near the 24th fret?

Have fun bending your string over your nut and sauce it up real good! :wink:


There’s no flow like being absorbed in practicing an instrument.

I used to play Hard Rock, then Rock and Pop, now I play in a BigBand, so mostly Jazz and Funk. I still play the occasional Extreme or Van Halen tune, where having 24 frets is definitely a plus. I’ve played almost exclusively on 22-fret guitars for the last 7 years though. She definitely plays a lot more comfortably on fret 15 and up.

Edit: What intrigued me most about getting a PRS is that they sound good both with Humbuckers and with the pickups split. Usually when you have guitars with splitable pickups, there’s a sizeable drop in output when you switch to single coils, which makes this feature kind of gimmicky and hard to use in practice (good if you want to drive your sound engineer up the wall, though). PRS somehow manages to match the output both in single coil as well as humbucker mode. And it actually sounds a lot like a Tele/Strat kind of guitar when split, quite uncanny. I intend to take the innards apart and see if I can’t find out what the secret is. Must be some switchery matching the output impedance of both modes.

I think we’ll leave this line of discussion for some other time.


Hmm, ok I just found a schematic for the 2022 Custom 24-08. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here. Must be in how the pickups are wound actually. That’s going to get intricate, measuring the impedances.

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That’s a sharp looking guitar!

Mudspike band when?


Very interesting! Wonder what is going on there…

I am a bit of an electric guitar nerd too, love my G&L (also not the American made one) L-2000 bass guitar with all the switches: pickup, series/parallel, passive/active/active+treble.

Some day I might add a single coil split switch or two (polarity?). IIRC the Rickenbacker bass has both coils with the same polarity for a whole lot of static but also a very aggressive tone

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Well seeing the schematics I kind of can’t help but think that the single coil is wound a lot hotter and gets tapped when in humbucking mode. That’s the only explanation I could think of.

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Yeah, that must be like a ham radio, LOL.


Very tasty. I haven’t played electric for years.

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Obvs it’s sauce to go with your Nut Meat. (crosses legs)


Nice buy sobek! PRS’s sound (and look) soo good!
Not much more enjoyable than playing a guitar.


G&L make some very fine instruments, although they never make it onto my radar, perhaps because I’m more of a Gibson person myself than a Fender one.

You play in any bands yourself?

I wish I could play well enough to justify buying an expensive guitar.

I still think that I could contribute a guitar track (acoustic, electric) to a Mudspike band song, maybe even vocals. I do have recording equipment and I am currently dabbling in simple editing stuff using the free software ‘audacity’.

…hmmm I might just record a song over the holidays and post it here to make a fool out of myself. :smiley:


Do yourself a solid and try out Reaper. It’s shareware that you can use indefinitely, and it is very reasonably priced if the 4 seconds startup wait annoys you too much. There’s also ardour, which is FOSS like audacity, but I’ve never personally used it, so I can’t speak for the usage concepts.

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