Gun collection problem

You might have a serious gun collection problem when your getting ready for a range day and you have to ask yourself… TWICE… “when the hell did I buy that one?” seriously. lol

And all those magazines… they look and feel a lot a like but that’s not true… got to know which goes to what weapon. lol

oh well, the price of freedom. :wink:


Nah, you got it wrong… You might have a serious problem when you say “When did I build that firearm and why did I build three of them?” :thinking:

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If that’s where you keep them…I’d be more concerned with you going to click the mouse and putting a couple rounds through your monitor instead. :open_mouth:

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only when I pull them out of the safe to decide which to take. :wink:


This on my to buy list.

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Don’t know how the echo trigger is legal, but it looks like fun. Fires when it’s pulled (duh), and again when it’s released.

@Gunnyhighway Is it possible to not fire the 2nd round on release? We don’t get toys like that in the UK.
if say for instance the range wasn’t clear and you fire one round could you just click it on safe with the trigger back or are you committed to both rounds. Gorgeous piece of kit though

I believe you hold the trigger down, then click it on safe. Might need a third hand for that.

Legal mumbo-jumbo, basically. By law, a machine gun is defined as a firearm that fires more than one round with a single pull of the trigger. The funky new trigger systems get around that by having an additional round fire on release of the trigger, which doesn’t count as pulling the trigger. Yeah, I know.

When you put the selector on safe or semi, it operates normally. You have to click over to echo mode or whatever they call it to make it activate. I believe it’s in the burst or auto position. Pretty ingenious design.

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And even if you’re shooting Wolf, that’s about $8 every time you dump a 30 round mag. WallMart loves that :slight_smile:

Hey Magnum, what’s the cute little MP5 looking pistol?

My Sig Sauer MPX, looking to put a silencer on it next…

(the 3 clips all in one… my daughter shooting it for the first time, then me… slo mo.)


They’re called binary triggers officially. Like the bump stock the ATF issued a letter approving them.
However if they are ever involved in a mass shooting incident I expect them to see a similar fate.