Guys... I desperately need 10k €

I know I know, it’s bad to beg- but really.
I know everyone sensibility will be tested by the sad sad words I’m about to say, so please prepare the tissues.

That money is a lot but- totally necessary.
Please read on…

I just had an 1-hour flight session in the Tornado simulator- WITH THE MOTION PLATFORM ON!



Ehrrrm, now seriously.
It was an ab-so-lute blast.

I know that motion platform have a limited range of motion but… but… wowza.
That thing was really powerful and responded to my every input in a very very believable way - except of course rolls, and pitch over 45°.
Being an enclosed sytem you can only perceive what you see from the projectors around you and I must say it is a complete paradigm shift.
I also know that’s never going to be the same ever again, as it is with everything- but man it was totally worth it.
Simming at home from tonight on is going to miss something, forever. :slight_smile:

Good thing I can do this every friday at work!
It’s called active maintenance.

The Tornado might be a very old machine but the girl still has quite some potential.
If only the navigator was by my side- the wings were fixed and it was an A-6…

But you can’t have everything I guess.
I’m also surprised I nailed the landing at the first try, and quite a smooth one according to the retired colonel behind me.
Why surprised? Well, one thing is to land with everything absolutely stii, another is to feel a reaction for every stick input…

my mind can’t stop to race to the armchair piltos who claim they can land a plane “'cuz I got like millions of simming hours under my belt!”

I can say it IS another thing- I can only blandly imagine what it means to really be with your a$$ in the sledge…
I lost a bit of confidence at the beginning of that hour long session, but by the end I was feeling much better.

Next friday is going to be interesting. :smiley:
Can’t wait.

PS: Sorry no pictures can be taken…


Well, to some extent if you fly with a VR headset your brain can be tricked to the point where motion isn’t entirely necessary. I trained in a King Air sim (technically a FTD) that had no motion. It was just the front end of a King AIr with a curved projection screen dome all around it. It was surprising how well that worked. Anyway, get yourself a Rift (or Vive) and think about the 9000+ Euros you just saved! :wink:

That’s the point.
I flew military sims without motion for over 10 years- and I agree_to some extent_.
Now, with this… after trying this… wow. One of the sim-brain-barriers has been annihilated.
:smiley: Everyone should have such an experience! Like, granted BY THE CONSTITUTION!

:slight_smile: . It is pretty darned cool when everything works properly.

OK, maybe you should buy yourself a VR headset AND a motion platform! That could really mess with your head though. :wink:

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WHEN it works properly- very true. Oil heats up pretty fast, it’s costly to replace and overall it takes a HUGE space-
but I like the way you think!

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Who said you need oil?

I can’t find it anymore but I saw a guy who built something smaller but similarly with wires in his garage, combining it with a VR headset.

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Let me check my email from Nigeria. Once they transfer money into my account like they say they will i will pass it into you


it is, also moving platform sim is another thing from the IRL… also IRL pilots with “like millions of IRL hours” can screw some landings from time to time… this is nice debate but it leads nowhere imho. In general, it is always better to have some previous stick experience whether it was PC sim, real sim or real moving platform sim… imho :relaxed:

Anyway, enjoy your new maintenance job, must be stunning!

Once I sit next to the cockpit of VRM MiG-29 sim. Real cockpit, just no moving platform. But the half-spherical projection was enough to shake your brain… one solder standing next to me just fell off the platform when the guy in the cockpit started to do some sharp turns :smile:

I just saw this in one discussion about projectors for home simming


Have you tried the Oculus? I hear what you are saying about the simulation, however you can get a really good feeling in VR. I even leaned forward as I was breaking in the Spit ha ha ha. Maybe my inner ear is weak from jumping out of planes too much however this is all I need. Im sure your experience was awesome.
That said, I got a ride in the F-18 simulator of the Kuwaiti Air Force a decade ago. The Real Pit of a Hornet is in an enclosed giant bubble and the projectors show the 360 degree scenery. It was amazing. Im sure youre feeling that way too.

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Oh I really agree with everything you wrote. :slight_smile:
In the end I don’t really need anything more than I have… although after having tried the Oculus I was both impressed and a bit sad. Impressed because the 3D feeling is sublime but sad because the resolution is still too low.
I’m sure the near future will bring evolutions but for now I can wait and dream… :slight_smile:

Well said my friend. Oculus has a ways to go. I hope the resolution thing is solved in the next year or two. I miss my beautiful HD screen. However Oculus does render things in 1:1 scale.

I just can’t let you suffer like this, when I can help you out.
Here’s your 10k buddy!
k k k k k k k k k k


:laughing: That was brilliant!

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Doing some Skinjob on DCS I felt the funny urge to fly the 'Hawg again. I got te funniest sensation.
It really reminded me a lot fo the Tornado I tried friday. Mainly the cockpit.
Yes, yes, I know it’s totally different, but listen- it’s made with very similare thoughts in mind!
I specially love the steam-gauges in the engines panel.

Of course there’s a thing or two the Tornado can teach to the 'Hawg regarding speed, I can’t really complain though. :confused:

Despite all my nonsense in the first post- flying in DCS is always a very pleasant experience.
I just wish I had a 70" Monitor. :smiley:

I think those pulleys and winches would still need some greasing and adjusting every now and again.

I’m wondering if a series of electromagnets could be used to create a motion simulator with no moving parts* driven by relative repulsive forces to float and move.

*(no moving parts, aside from the massive generator and relays that would be needed to power and control this

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Hmm… except for the fact that fields that strong, at that variety of angles of incidence to each other and the walls of the chamber, would wreak absolute havoc onany computer equipment inside, so the operator would need to be inside a shielded capsule, which would add more weight, which would require a stronger field…which would mean more shielding, and I’m sure you can see where this is going.

I’ll need a $4 million starter grant and three years, and I think i can provide a proof of concept prototype.

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Eh, sorry got about 4.75€

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Ehm yeah I was just going to say exactly that.

And sure, the setup in the video is huge and strong due to translational movement. If you only do rotations, you will need less rope, and less force. So no big winches ans thick metal cables.

As a physicist, I must say: magnets are extremely unpractical if you need forces larger than a kitchen magnet can exert.
Wires, on the other hand, can stand extremely high tension, even if they’re very light.