Had a little HDD issue

I use combination of HDD and SSD , and seeing as my boot drive HDD somehow got a MBR corruption , I took the time to fresh wipe and reinstall Windows and such., Not voluntary though :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: , but I came out the other side better for it. Added a 1660 Super GPU to replace my aging but still performing well 760Ti x2 (SLI) .

I was going to jump to VR, but the price for the 1660 Super is so cheap right now, it will hold me another 6 -12 months while the VR entry price drops a bit more.

Pretty happy with my choice really, as for 200$ , the 1660 is a mean machine. I may add another near term .

If you are in the market for a well priced but solid performing GPU , I can say with little doubt the 1660 Super is a very good choice !


Had the ole MBR corruption happen to me once. It sucks :slight_smile:. Glad that you are up and running again though!

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Since I have been using SSD’s I have yet to see this happen, but I would consider it an advantage that with C: as a SSD it is less likely as writes can complete faster and therefore there is less chance that the system powers off unexpectedly during a write to the partition table / MBR / system files / etc.

Glad you recovered ok!
Always treat that OS as volatile!


@Wes @Fridge Thanks guys , I be honest , Wes said treat the OS as Volatile always, but the OS was not the only Volatile thing there for a time . :innocent:

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I have seen a couple of SSDs fail. I will say I am not a fan of how they do it…almost zero notice.

In one case it was instant, fine one day and dead the next. In another, there was one day of abnormally slow performance and then day 2 it was dead.

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SSDs should go read-only to prevent total-brick when they run out of writes. So all I can think for that is a catastrophic failure. Or perhaps badly written firmware (no failsafe writelock).

I have encountered the write lock on a SD card of my grandfather’s - but being just an SD card, you can’t check SMART info to see total write data or write lock enabled. Was able to copy to another but couldn’t even format it.

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