Had an Upgrade thanks to APC / Cyber Power

So a Few Weeks ago, we had a Huge storm come thru on a Friday,

That morning before work, I shut down my PC just in case,

Well I came home to a non responsive PC.

So, I had contacted APC and Cyberpower Both, since it was clear a Surge took out my mainboard and PSU while I was at work, thru 2 battery backup units

It was agreed to pay for PSU, Mainboard, CPU and Ram, and a few other components.

So I picked out my parts and sent the list and invoice to them, and they sent me a payment method to enter.

I’m still re-installing all the Software Suites, but it’s been a killer exciting ride to go from:
ASRock 990FX Fata1ity Professional
AMD 8350 @ 5.31 GHz
16 GB of DDR3 G.Skill
500 GB Samsung 850 SSD
Corsair RM850w PSU

ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate
AMD Ryzen 2700X @ 4.7 GHz
32 GB of DDR4-3200 G.Skill
1 TB Samsung 860 SSD
Seasonic 850 Focus PSU

And they Even Placed my Battery Backup with a 1000w Unit

I retained the MSI 7970 Lightning GPU, because none of the new ones have the I/O I need.
I also was able to save the 500GB SSD by shorting power and letting it sit, it was working again.


Woohoo! What an upgrade! Enjoy it Skate.
Guess this falls under bad things happen for a reason.

Hmmm…I need an upgrade…if I put on a pair of wool socks, shuffle around the floor and then touch a metal part of my PC…that just might work. :wink:

Seriously, congrats. Glad to hear APC / Cyber Power had good customer support. Something I’ll keep in mind for my next upgrade! :slightly_smiling_face:

Every one is getting upgrades :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’m a trendsetter, I got my upgrade six months ago. :slight_smile:

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@4.7??? how are you able to oc it so much? is it a special edition or so?
Great rig touhg!
i’m on Ryzen 2700x aswell :wink:

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Same way I got my FX to 5.31GHz

Quality Board w/ a Quality VRM Array and Power System.

Start Slow, I usually go 100 Mhz Jumps, Run the Processor there for a while, run Prime and other CPU Benches to Stress Test all Threads at the same time to ensure stability.

You cant Drop a CPU onto a $80 Budget board with a 8+2 Phase Array and expect stable power.
You cant Drop a CPU onto a Mainboard new, and Make 500MHz Jumps and overclock it right off the get go.

You have to stress both the processor and Mainboard Power systems.
This serves two purposes, you get to see and note the vdroop, and any other small things that can effect core voltage (and thus stability), as well as you give the processor and power systems time to warm up and condition themselves.

you dont show up to a track meet and immediately start doing 500 yard sprints, you stretch and stuff first.

when I first got my FX8350 4.9 GHz was the peak I could get it stable for months. after that, I was able to increase some voltages a smidge and get 5.1Ghz, then a year later, adjust some voltage and bus settings and boom, 5.31GHz Stable.

So far with this one, out of the box, I got to 4.6 with just bus adjustments, a smidge of a mV increase to get it to 4.7 Stable, which I could have prolly done once I stressed in the Power System a Little, as it’s only been 2 weeks.

Even at the stock clocks the Ryzen breezed thru tasks quicker than my FX8350 at 5+ GHz would have.

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