HAGS On or Off?


Windows Hardware Accelerated Graphics Scheduler of HAGS is a bit of a mystery. It’s off by default (you can turn it on in Display settings / Graphics Settings sub-menu) and apparently it should speed up stuff to be given to the GPU to munch on. It has always seemed ineffective.

Here’s a tech write up for nerds of what it’s trying to do:

Here’s a review of a bunch of games where it doesn’t really help, and in some cases makes worse:

So I thought I’d at least try it again with the most recent driver and my ‘house or GPU’ priced hardware - perhaps things are better?

Here’s a quick CapFrameX run with HAGS off and then HAGS on, in VR using the OpenXR NIS of 80%. This is from a 60 second capture average of a freeflight in a C152 over YVR in real weather - the exact settings aren’t so important more that just the single HAGS setting had changed between runs.

So HAGS On is a bit slower still.

Perhaps it makes games smoother, in that a lower average FPS but steadier frames?

Here’s HAGS off:

…and On:

So I did have a ‘glitch’ that threw the smoothness average out a bit, but I lost quite a bit of framerate for that, and who knows if that spike was HAGS helping?

Let’s take out that glitch with the Interquartile view with a frame timing view. HAGS off:

HAGS on:

Hmm, that’s the same amount of framerate consistency I think?

So in summary - HAGS off you go… Perhaps better in Windows 11?

Anyone use it?


Not yet. But I did think about it (new box, Win11). Turning it On that is. I’ll try in a bit, on my next test run…

I’ve “heard” very recently that the new nVidia 511.xx driver, perhaps in Win11, now actually does something positive. Will see.

[Edit]…(sing along with me)…“off we go, into the virtual blue yonder, flying high…”.


This issue is probably going to become as much a matter of choice as Affinity masks, and hyper threading.

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DCS Test.

Ok, seat of the pants test: no noticeable difference. With HAGS = On I did get a blue screen while it tried to load a dense urban scene but that could be a SteamVr/WMR/LMNOP thing. It came back within a second. Not scientific, more a a WAG on HAGS :wink: Couldn’t resist.

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I say no to Hags.



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I tried a few different ways a some more games and I just can’t get any improvement out of it. I think it’s a good idea, but the trouble is that games when they get tested and profiled before release already have to deal with the CPU → GPU instruction buffer without HAGS. No-one is going to release a title that relies on there being a hardware scheduler (because they all use a buffer anyway), so any bottleneck around GPU instruction hand-off has to be sorted out assuming HAGS doesn’t exist.

Oh well, at least good to know for sure.

Excellent point that one.

Been off for me for awhile. It caused major stuttering while looking left and right in DCS. Haven’t touched it since.

Might have been that ‘blue screen’ thing I spoke of before - in fact I had turned my head down & right towards a dense area when that happened. But I can say I tested it. Once. :slight_smile: