Happy Birthday to me... officially a senior citizen

I just turned 55 March 30th… officially a senior citizen, even went out to Perkins restaurant to get the senior citizen discount. (BTW, there senior citizen discounts are cheap but smaller sizes, I’m a big boy, No Thanks. lol)

Anyway wanted to share this… My retirement man cave…

What a woman! Usually at my age for my birthday and pretty much every other holiday, I get socks, underwear, and body wash. This birthday she got me some nice things for my man cave… a challenge coin display and rifle display. And of course sex too!!!


Many happy returns I turn 55 in may :grinning:

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A belated happy birthday, old man! :wink:
That’s an awesome cabinet!

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actually would of liked a extra inch or 2 between rifle locations, kinda tight and over hanging. but thanks.

Happy Birthday Magnum, and you’ve got some really nice blasters. My sympathies for 1911 addiction. I know that it’s horribly difficult to overcome :joy:. I’m still in recovery.


Jealous. I’m a jealous person. So many beautiful weapons.

Happy birthday @Magnum50 enjoy your cave and your toys. God I wish I could own an AR over here that doesn’t shoot paint.

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Happy Birthday Magnum.
By the way 55 is not old it’s only middle aged your still a kid :upside_down_face: :motorcycle:

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Congrats @Magnum50 !

I rib my wife relentlessly that she is receiving the AARP mailers before me (she is two years my senior…despite looking 15 years younger than me…)…

“Hey Honey…another Centrum Silver free offer from AARP…and what’s this thing about helping cover “final expenses”…ewww…”


Happy birthday! But I wonder if you are all in a different country than me…

In the United States, senior citizen status is usually only acquired at age 65.

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government is 65, but most private businesses recognize it at 55… hence all the discounts. :wink:


The best is early entry into COSTCO. I think that’s 60, but they are not really checking IDs :grin:

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Happy Senior Citizen Day, @Magnum50!


Which object d’art is the “sex tool” again?


Happy Birthday @Magnum50 !

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Sorry I missed this post. Happy Birthday @Magnum50. Nice gifts!

Happy Belated B-Day…Very nice collection…I’m a big fan of 1911’s also…A few Springfield TRP’s and a Dan Wesson 10mm