Happy Month Birthday Mudspike!


Yes, we are 32 days old, and will celebrate Every.Single.Month. birthday from now on… :wink:

This is a request, practically a begging forelock tugging ask, for your input to see how it is going here.

We have a new sandpit and it is still very early days, so what do you want to see?

  • How are the categories? Do we need more?

  • Anyone interested in covering stuff not seen much here and want to help carry that ball? Have we any interest in PC hardware, for example, or Game consoles titles, how about Domesticated Raccoon’s? It’s really a case of someone stepping up and saying they’d like that area and want to make it happen. Write here or message us. @BeachAV8R’s allergy to raccoon’s aside, it could work.

  • Do people want to see more ‘formal’ (heh) Mudspike Articles rather than just forum threads? We have a whole bunch of opportunities for new games, sims, hardware reviews etc but it is really a lot up to what the new community wants to see?

  • How is this weird software working out for you? Is the odd ‘user level’ thing ok? It has allowed @BeachAV8R and @EinsteinEP and I to have a really easy life in terms of spam and moderation for sure. Do we need to tweak any of the defaults for this stuff:

  • Has anyone ‘Invited’ anyone else in yet, or is this badge/level stuff just nonsense?

Anyway - happy first month Birthday Mudspike forums. :confetti_ball: :balloon: Let us know what you think (about the forums, a random stream of consciousness is fine but keep it short). I think we’re all still having a good time, so thanks to all so far.


Maybe I am weird, but I like the badge stuff… I dunno… I can say when I first started out here I tried to clear all the easy badges as soon as possible… lol. Ok, maybe I need help :smile:

I just flagged the above post for the badge for example :wink:

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Me too - I think it is my inner Cub Scout coming out (oh, that sounds kinda weird).

The badge stuff is gloriously easy for us to extend and can use anything from the forum content (what is written, what is posted etc). I was playing around adding some custom ones - I so far own the ‘Bandwidth Hog’ one for posting the most/largest images in a single post etc :smile:

@BeachAV8R is getting a ‘COIN COIN!’ one with a simple content counter for mentioning the Tucano the most so far lol

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I do one thing…and only one thing well: COIN!

I love the site. More community involvement would be great but that will come with time. Speaking of which, I have to get something together to post!


Yep, we’re not a commercial outfit (ads!) and more a labor of love, so it’s really just getting a friendly place to chat about stuff we like. We get a huge number of readers on the ‘content’ (ugh) versus writers, with the ratio being about 40:1 so far. I think people just like to lurk, which is cool.

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Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us!

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@Fridge - Thanks for your support and contributions. We are really happy to have a fun group of people to hang out with and share our love for simulations and gaming. I really feel like we’ve put down roots here and couldn’t be happier with our decision to get together to do some positive stuff amongst all the negativity…


@SiThSpAwN and @fearlessfrog - Are we gonna have to come up with some Advanced Badges or something??

Badge - First person to play a flight sim on a laptop above 15,000’ (not in an airplane).
Badge - First person to post reach the center of the Elite universe.
Badge - First person to get a photo with the entire Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading squad…

I think the sky is the limit here…


I always thought the “mile high club” revolved around actions of a different nature. :smile:

Happy Bday to you guys and kudos for creating this awesome place. It’s like a beacon of sanity and well made content.

I love this site! Its slowly replacing the old forum site I use to visit.

The site software is great. Works very well from my phone and tablet and its equality excellent on PC.

One thing I would like to see is more tutorials.

And maybe a monthly fly in of some sort???


Care to be specific? We like requests.

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But of course. I actually thought I finished that thought process.

I would like to see more on the before takeoff side. Civilian world of course. Flight planning and all that nonsense. Sids and stars selection and so forth.


How are the categories? […]

For now, I guess it’s ok. From my experience, it’s better to have smaller alive section, than multiple useless sections. Then adjust with trends.

Anyone interested in covering stuff not seen much here and want to help carry that ball?

I may have something for you actually. i’ll shoot you a PM tonight.

Do people want to see more ‘formal’ (heh) Mudspike Articles rather than just forum threads?

Articles are GREAT. I’m unsure more would be better. However I know that “more but less quality”… Wouldn’t be working at all.

How is this weird software working out for you?

I do not understand what’s different with users settings. I do like the simple style, quote and alerts system. Actually, it’s a very good engine and i’ll surely use something similar for my squadron someday.

Happy 1month !
you are really doing good :smile:

I may have shed a tear of joy.


How are the categories?

Till this is not forum to discuss something specific to detail rather ‘friendly place to chat’ and ‘share our love for sims and gaming’ till then I think its really OK.

Anyone interested in covering stuff not seen much here and want to help carry that ball?

Nothing at this moment. I have hard time to read it all here and post some screen from time to time :smile: I can not imagine the reverse ratio of 1:40 :wink:

Do people want to see more ‘formal’ (heh) Mudspike Articles rather than just forum threads?

For sure. Lets agree on some form (or lets have someone to check the form) and lets put every user AAR/article on the front page e.g. There is always heads up and discussion on the forums.
I really liked the idea of this page to be wrapped around AARs. When you first introduced the forums I was like ‘Naah another forum!!???’ But now I am OK because the forums are really easy and accessible.

How is this weird software working out for you?

Working great.