Hard Vacuum

I think there may be a few of you interested in this, coming out the 27th


hmm…misread that a bit. Vacuum for hardwood floor? heh.


yeah that name um, sucks

I was lucky enough to know a girl like that! :smiley: Seriously though, this looks interesting! … kinda like VTOL VR in space.


Indeed. On my watchlist it goes.

Funny how the name has different connotations to you Americans. Vacuum is a word I associate with aimlessness, as that is it’s only use in Dutch, not the machine that sucks up dust.

The use of the word hard in the title suggests to me ‘hard scifi’ ie, trying to be as realistic about things as possible.

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I 100% get what they were going for, it’s just a terrible name. Regardless glad I combed the “upcoming” section of Steam quite a bit lately, looks like it could be good.