Hardware question (4K TV as Monitor?)

Howdy, Y’all!

question - anyone using a 4K HD tv in lieu of a computer monitor? after spending all my money becoming a model collector (see past posts concerning) I have been kicking around the idea of changing out my 34 ’ 2K LG and the 2 24’ HP side monitors for a single curved setup - I’ve been looking around on the web (CNET, Reddit, etc) to see what the prevailing opinions are - and well, they’re all over the damn place! -
so question is 'anyone using a TV as your primary monitor? and if so - what brand and model -
what are the pitfalls? any suggestions are welcome!



I remember a heated discussion over at the ED forums.
A few members claimed it was impossible while someone else called them liars, claiming he was doing exactly that and having fun. Then they claimed he was the liar and then the thread disappeared… :smiley:

Got a LG 4k that I’ve been using for 2 years. Love it for 2d games. Flight sims in VR only for me nowadays.
Look out for low ms response time and high hz (<60). Not fake 240hz…which will increase ms.

I used to fly on my 50”TV (1080p).

Can be a pain to read typical desktop/office text from that distance, especially with imperfect vision.

Watch out for the TV pictures modes which go through a signal processor, ie “cinema mode” or “sports mode” that adjust brightness/contrast/etc which adds ms to display delay.

Some TV’s have a dedicated “game” mode that bypasses that system, but the picture quality is slightly inferior as a result - just make adjustments from the PC or game itself instead.

You would also need a desk setup where the desk sits between you and the TV, to hold controls keyboard and mouse.

I use 43" 4k LG UH603V. Panel is 100Hz ( iirc ). My previous monitor was 40" FHD Samsung TV 60Hz. And monitor before that was 19" Philips 4:3 :slight_smile:

I think it goes down to following - if you play competitive online games some supper low ms gaming monitor will be of course better choice.

I sim only so I don’t care if the panel response is 4ms, 8ms or 20ms. But I will never go smaller.

One thing to consider is also pixel density. For example if you are used to standard 24" HD monitor then 48" 4k monitor/TV has the same pixel density.
In normal words, pixels on my 43" 4k TV are smaller than pixels on 48" 4k TV and so on. It means that I don’t need so excessive antialiasing as would be needed on 48" / 50" / 55" TVs/monitors. You will definitely see the pixels in game on 4k panel if it is that big.

You can maybe check Philips. They offer big format 4k monitors with low ms, 4-5ms, for reasonable prices. Eg. 43" Philips BDM4350UC or 43" Philips 436M6VBPAB ( in EU; the designation may be little different in each country ).
Definitely standard 4k TVs goes for lower prices as dedicated monitors. And apart from mentioned TV picture modes I would also avoid any highly sophisticated TVs with lot of functions. Less modes, less functions = less picture processing = more fluid picture imo.

Also, I am sitting cca 80cm = 2.6ft from my LG. No problem with eyestrain. To contradict a little my previous statement about modes and functions, one particular mode is very useful. It is called EYE COMFORT MODE which turns all colours to warm tones. Very comfortable indeed :sunglasses:

Thanks Fellas!

I think I will poke about a bit more :slight_smile: but this is great info!!