Harrier ASL for AUTO release

Surely in the real plane it is easier to put the thing on the thing. As it is currently modeled, as you are rolling onto a target for re-attack or just lining up, following the ASL will eventually put you way off target. I found a good HUD video of a GR.7 doing bombing training in CCIP and AUTO, but not sure if its the same as the AV8B. The GR.7 symbology looks eerily similar to the F-18C ASL and cues. AUTO mode at about 7:05.

Also, hotspot detector will be pretty cool if/when modeled.


Nnnnice! :smiley:

I consider AUTO to not be implemented yet and just don’t use it. I love the DCS Harrier, but there is still a lot of work to be done.


No doubt has a ways to go, still love flying it. If our AV8B will eventually look similar to that video, I’ll be set. Might not even need the tomcat…

Yep, the ASL is broken since the release. It should work like in the Hornet shown in recent video relesaed by Wags. It shouldn’t move (in releation to heading) when you bank as it is now. It makes AUTO delivery bit of a hassle.

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Okay so it wasn’t just me being woefully incompetent this time round :wink:

Video has been removed. :frowning_face: