Harrier vs Skyhawk

Let me know when’s a good time. I’m in the USA/Eastern time zone. and there’s a tropical storm heading this way == I won’t be getting out of the house much for the next week-ish :frowning:

So I have time.

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I like it. Just takes leaning on the Artistic License thing…hmmm, Something about how RedFor has done some shady thing under the table to acquire a temporary loan for “training” from [whomever owns the Viggen at the time period in question].

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You know, that might work, but as a Super Etendard replacement. I have read that Argentina only had 5 Exocet missiles, and this BBC article seems to back that up.

That’s a great start :smiley: Maybe if it turns out to be a lot of fun, one of us could modify it down the road to fly for the other side. And I can’t see how it it’s not going to be fun :grin: ← big caveat here is that I can’t hit Jack with the Scooter.

Yeah, so the Brits definitely had ships acting as screens using EWR, and were able to direct intercepts. But obviously some planes slipped through, hence Sharkey Ward’s campaign with his commanders that airborne radar was essential (see link above). So rewarding NOE attacks seems accurate, especially if they could use hills for screening ingress.

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I don’t know, well, anything about how they did EW then. I recall (and I’m listening to “Harrier 809” right now on Audible) that yes the UK had fighter direction; so were these ships out of range; could the Argentine’s not pick up these signals. If I recall the AAF did attack one of them. Just don’t think we can put them far enough apart. Still digging.

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Well hey, the Draken was still in use by corrupt elements of the Columbian Air Force as late as 1990. I saw a documentary about it a long time ago, had Nicolas Cage in it. Maybe the Argies got some Swedish fighter love too!


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First issue found: that Historical feature doesn’t appear to work with the free A4C Arg. It is only allowed as a selection -IF- you turn that off, then select the A4. However all appears okay if you turn that back on after adding the unit. May be by design - limiting the user of the mission to date-limited loadouts during run time?

Don’t know the answer to this either, but they were using B707s for reconnaissance, as you well know, listening to Harrier 809. I feel like I need to listen to it again and take notes this time.

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But can’t you just build the loadouts with unguided MK82 and MK83? At least for AI.

Yes. But was just wondering if that could be overridden via the “crew chief” request refuel/rearm UI.
Think it’ll all work out on this subject.

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Discussion of HMS Invincible as the anti air warfare control ship and then later attack on Coventry by coming over Pebble Island and down through Falklands Sound.

I think I saw one time that you could edit the munitions (quantity and type) available for rearming at each base. I’m not an editor guru, but that might be one way to do it.

Yes I believe you can. Now that you mention that I’ve never heard of the same functionality on a carrier. I’m in the editor now and will see.

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So here’s a questions demo’g my ignorance of MP missions: What are the tricks/tips/gotcha’s when assigning (and thusly ‘jumping into the cockpit during play’) client slots to carriers, both the SC and LHA Tarawa?

Say I’ve created 8 aircraft as “Parking Hot” - is DCS smart enough not to have this all go pear-shaped if 8 players try to join simultaneously? Or would everyone have to wait, coordinating via another means (discord)? I’d assume it makes you wait, the “…your flight is delayed…” thing.

I’m still looking but hoping someone here has done this.

@jross my ME skills are lacking also, but I do believe that in the event a “physical” space isn’t available, the player will receive a “your flight is delayed” message and their aircraft will not spawn.

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Thanks for that. I did a test run with 4 Client groups, each a single acft; 1st Client had an AI wingman. When I clicked Fly on that one it gave me that message but, 10 minutes later and I was still waiting. Scratched that and filed it in the “No Clue” box. I’m missing something or it’s a Dug - DCS Bug :slight_smile: