Has anyone tried this Woojer thing?

Hey y’all!

I saw this in a YouTube ad and wondered whether it could be interesting in simulations (racing, flight, space or whatever).

It is basically a buttkicker but you strap it onto your chest?


That looks pretty cool, for G force etc I am happy with my jetseat otherwise it might have been a must have. Reminds me of the suits in the film player 1


Hey, maybe they finally found a way to make strapping yourself to your home cockpit actually useful! :slight_smile:

I had not even thought about that.
Cool idea!

Now who is going to be the test person?
I think that someone who has a Viggen cockpit at home would qualify… :smiley:


Two words for me…

A10 and GAU8



I found mixed reviews in hunting after seeing the same YouTube ad. Several users on Reddit loved it…some thought it wasn’t terribly good.

I’m still tempted to try one.

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Hopping over here from another thread where I mentioned the Woojer. This is going t obe a quick and dirty write-up, so please pardon my writing. So, my eldest son bought one and gave me a chance to play around with it. It does a good job transferring sound into vibrations. We tried it with music, movies, games, and the sort. In games, such as shooters, you feel the shots as you fire. Cool stuff… Since I’m a sim guy I’m going to focus on the sim experience.

I tried it mainly with DCS. because it’s what I fly most. There is a little bit of setup outside the sim because you have to connect to an audio output. After setting up the vest I strapped it on. The feel is rather nice. It felt a little bulky but is rather light. Admittedly strapping on was fun, but you have to keep the fit snug for the full effect. I flew in VR and was slightly disappointed. I set up the woojer on my first hop and realized the vibrations are limited to your chest area so it didn’t quite convey the sensation of being in a jet. The experience felt much different that playing a shooter. In a shooter, the sensations flet natural. In the sim, the sensations were a bit disconnected. On my second hop, I decided to engage my Buttkicker. BOOM!!! Paired with the kicker, the immersion was next level. The Buttkicker conveyed the feel of the jet, while the Woojer enhanced the effects of forces on the body. My son said when I started pulling Gs, I started breathing heavier as if under load. I guess I became immersed at that point. :grin: The fact that the vest was tight added to the sensation.

My final assessment (strictly my opinion), the Woojer is nice but not for the sim experience unless paired with another sonic transducer. It has to be somewhat tight to get the full sensation and I wasn’t feeling having to strap it on each time I wanted to fly. For other experiences like watching movies, listening to music and playing games, it is on point.

Again, apologies because I kinda rushed this…


Nice write-up!
Sounds cool…
I know my shakers really enhances the immersion. They act upon signals translated by the SimShaker for Aviators app. I wonder if André is looking into connecting the Woojer vest into SSA.

A most excellent write-up!

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Thank you very much!

I am a bit sad though, I would have liked it being an alternative because I’d like to avoid mounting something to my chair.

I am terrible at such work. I am not a DIY guy, so I need a solution that works out of the box.

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I can relate. Personally, I think the Buttkicker is a great option because you simply mount it to the center post of your chair… no tools necessary. It literally takes seconds to mount but you will have to set up some drivers and software, which is rather straightforward.

Check out the Bass Shaker transducers from Dayton Audio at Parts Express. I have been using their transducers for flat panel speakers for years. Just stick it on the underside of your chair, couch whatever and feel the rumble. Works great with a surround sound system for special effects in movies.


I’ll second that - I’ve been using one of their 'puck’s for about, oh, 3+ years now with no issues.

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Sounds good.

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Thanks for the welcome.

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