Has anyone tried this Woojer thing?

Hey y’all!

I saw this in a YouTube ad and wondered whether it could be interesting in simulations (racing, flight, space or whatever).

It is basically a buttkicker but you strap it onto your chest?


That looks pretty cool, for G force etc I am happy with my jetseat otherwise it might have been a must have. Reminds me of the suits in the film player 1


Hey, maybe they finally found a way to make strapping yourself to your home cockpit actually useful! :slight_smile:

I had not even thought about that.
Cool idea!

Now who is going to be the test person?
I think that someone who has a Viggen cockpit at home would qualify… :smiley:


Two words for me…

A10 and GAU8



I found mixed reviews in hunting after seeing the same YouTube ad. Several users on Reddit loved it…some thought it wasn’t terribly good.

I’m still tempted to try one.

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