Hasard Lee Dogfight vs AI in DCS - a breakdown

Check out Hasard Lee’s virtual dogfight and assessment in DCS :popcorn:


My thoughts watching this

  • cool when real drivers jump in to validate the accuracy of the game
  • compared to a gamer he wasn’t as comfortable with the fixed/flat view + looking sideways thing but he adjusted quickly.
  • the lack of physical feedback - and pain- is a B.I.G. thing; he should’ve called me; I would’ve set him up with some useful haptic feedback :wink:

Similar to the VR boxing game vs real boxing I’d guess.

  • Ive been a gamer in this genre so long I forget how much of a “science project” (his comment) getting it all set to go is
  • we have it pretty good in the end compared to 30 years ago

He mentions that Mavs are legacy for the Viper. Any ideas what those have been replaced with? Is the JAGM integrated with the Viper at this point?

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I’d say 500 pounder GBU’s, either satellite or laser guided. SDBII is another good candidate for the role.

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GPS only guidance can’t deal with moving targets and they have less range unless dropped supersonic from way upstairs. Tri-mode seeker SDBs are indeed a possibility, but I think that the Viper only has the GPS guided ones.

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Mav might be legacy only for the USAF if that is from Hazard - USAF have been using GBU-54 (LJDAM) for years in combat for one.

Other Falcon users have their own fancy AG munitions - GBU-49 LJDAM was on some EPAF MLUs.