Hawaiian Islands Oahu Freeware for Aerofly FS2 Released

Hawaiian Islands: Oahu

Hawaiian Islands: Kauai & Niihau

Oahu is now available for downloading. Be sure to pay attention to the instructions and notes. It is a large download so be prepared. Part 1 is Kauai + Niihau, Part 2 is Oahu, future releases will be Part 3 Maui county, and Part 4 will the the Big Island of Hawaii. Some files are common to all islands, others are specific so please read the Install instructions.

By Team Members:

Tom - TomSimMuc Phil - Spit40 Ray - Jetjockey10

Karl-Heinz - Rodeo Michael - ussiowa Paul - Kloot

Colin - brunnobellic Christophe - chrispriv Andy - donka

Jake - ZoSoChile Balazs - Kisvakond Michael - Apfelflieger

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