Hawk T1/A for Aerofly FS 2 Released

The new Hawk T1/A for Aerofly FS 2, developed by Just Flight in partnership with Propair Flight, is now ready for take-off!

The aircraft comes in 12 paint schemes and the exceptionally detailed model features PBR materials with real-time environment reflections, 4096 x 4096 textures, ground equipment, accurate flight dynamics, realistic landing gear and an authentic sound set.

The virtual cockpit boasts smoothly animated 3D instruments, a custom-coded electrical system, realistic lighting system with rheostat controls, custom sounds and an interactive panel for configuring the aircraft animations.


Although I probably will not purchase this (since I don’t have Aerofly FS 2), I will say that Just Flight has done a marvelous job with the T1/A for other sims, notably for FSX. I am confident that this will also be a great addition to Aerofly FS 2.

…now if they would only do a DCS Hawk… :slightly_smiling_face: