He was just a bit short..

A-10’s in Estonia were practicing highway landings this month when one of them took out a street sign and a chunk of the plastic road barrier. Low and outside…


More pictures here including some nice shots of A-10’s operating in the countryside -



Interphone / F8 Ground Crew / F4 Request Repair as the airfield is in the same coalition. :slight_smile:


Speculation mode on - but that roadway looks more narrow than a typical runway, which can often lead to the illusion that you are high due to the sight picture you are used to. Thus, approaches tend to be low. It is something we commonly run into when we operate to normal runways (150’ wide) vs. some of the smaller fields we go into that might only have 60’ width…


I agree @BeachAV8R -Even though the title was a bit tongue in cheek my goal was not to pick on the pilot. It has to be hard when none of the markings and cues are there that you are used to. That’s why they practice it right?

But because I can’t resist -

The A-10 Thunderbolt II - Re-adjusting the landscape since 1972


LOL. Didn’t do squat to the plane.

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Except you know, the bit that hit the sign is pretty much scrap now. And that actuator isn’t going to be a happy camper either.

Have to say it like this -
Demande de réparation