Heads up: Newegg special on TM Warthog and 16k

Saw that Newegg is running a special this weekend on some Thrustmaster gear, so thought I’d give a heads up to anyone interested:

TM Warthog

TM T.16000M

I’d seriously be considering the Warthog at that price, but I’ve found I really don’t like the F-16 stick format. Still, if you’re in the market, this is probably one of the better prices you’ll find right now.


Man, I really wish their new pedal set was on sale.

Those pedals are still too new. Plus, you could probably kill somebody with those things!

I really like my TM Warthog…but…

I sort of have a hard time with it when flying a Mig-21 or Viggen. It’s not just the single engine aspect, it is the fact that there ends up being more than a couple buttons/hats/toggles/switches that you just don’t use…more so with the Mig than the Viggen. And for the ones you do use… it has a lot of buttons/switches on the Throttle and its base, but a lot of them get hard to reach when the throttle is forward (No, @Troll, I do not have Eject mapped to a readily accessible button.)

Does anybody else have this issue? (Not that I’m starting a support group or anything)

Do I give up “authenticity” for ease of use? I do it for helos with the X-52…yeah, that T.16000 may have to go on my wish list to Santa.

The T.16k stick is also ambidextrous as I recall, I think the little hump can be moved from right to left. Unfortunately, that deal is only for the whole set (HOTAS + pedals) but I guess one could move the pedals and throttle off on the secondary market.

For me, I don’t like the F-16 stick profile because I have to move my hand up to get to the pickle button. Would prefer a button setup down and wider in profile.

I used to have that issue with the CH Warthog. Then I realized it was the placement. I had it screwed down on one of those below desk level keyboard slide out shelves. It wasn’t low enough. I worked out placing it in the yoke column “cut out” on my real cockpit seat. That puts it at the correct level. The throttles sitting onto of my PC’s tower case puts them about the right height.

I really need to build some kind of stand that works with the pilot seat. Something like the inside of @Troll’s Simbox NG…but not in a box.

I have the t 16k setup (w/o pedals). The throttle is excellent for use with the hornet. The stick is a good one, but it only has 3 buttons, trigger, and POV hat on it. The other 20 buttons are on the base. My problem with this is if you have to take your hand off the stick to push a button, you might as well map a keyboard button.

I’ve had my WH what, almost 9 years now, and other than a grease job I did a few years ago, the gear has received no maintenance to speak of. One switch, pinkie, is finally a little glitchy, but that could be easily replaced should it become a major bother.

As far as extensions and other mods, when I moved the stick to between legs with a Monster Tech mount, the design really made sense. It’s pretty much perfect. And while the former Eastern block gear looks sexy, the distribution channels need to be sorted out before I try their offerings. TM has really earned my brand loyalty, never mind how great the MFDs are with the Hornet.

Perhaps my ROI on the W.H. justifies investing in a backup set.