Headset cables

Or the case of unending twistiness.

How do you guys stop your headset cable from twisting around itself? No matter what I do, this always happens, and now I’ve got exposed wiring so it’s only a matter of time before I need a replacement (I’m not @Troll and can’t just macguyver it back together).

I just don’t understand it. Regular earbud cables do it too, but the set I’ve got now seem to resist it for the most part.

LOL! I know right? @Troll should seriously quit his day job. :smiley:

I’m cordless all the way. (I have two G930’s) It’s the reason I don’t use a TrackIR TrackClipPro as well.

Edit: Oooo, here’s a thought I just had … cordless VR headsets!!! :crazy_face:

Sugru takes care of that!

That was my creed, until I got the VR sickness… :wink:

Or simply mount a USB powerbank onto your headset.

https://www.tpcastvr.com/ :vr:

I used a Wireless Headset for a while but I managed to break that one, too. So right now I am back to cord.
I don’t think there is a way to prevent it from doing weird stuff. I just untangle it now and then and hope for the best.
Since I am not much of an audiophile I buy cheap headphones that I can replace easily when they break. That makes the cost basically irrelevant.

Boy I couldn’t agree more here. I use a pair of Hyper X headphones and while I have been delighted with the comfort and performance for the price, the cord is the biggest piece of crap ever and is CONSTANTLY tangled.