Headshot in Ready or Not video clip

This is a video clip, first showing a still of the team stacked, then picking the lock, then a headshot, I was about to drop him when one of my boys on the left got him first. I could not find his head anywhere! lol Then a still of the replay screen.

And if you did watch my stream, sorry for the language I was not ready to see that other scene after what I’ve just been through with my dog. Sorry.


What type of ammo were they using? 25mm???

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That was crazy! And gross!

So, can you not just pick individual missions now? I’m in the usual spot but only the gas station mission is coming up - not trying ‘commander’ yet, just went to ‘practice’.

Ya, I was wondering the same thing… even in Commander mode this is the first mission you do. Doesn’t seem you can just pick like before. It’s got a lot of great updates but still, the more I play the more issues, some serious I find.

Maybe a good patch before I get back. :wink:

I’m blaming the dude with the Supernova. I just had that happen, too!

Yeah strange decision to remove a bunch of stuff like they did. Hopefully they’ll patch it back in or someone will be able to mod it back.

Was fun to be able to fire the game up once in a while, pick a map, pick the type of mission you wanted and have at it. I guess now we’re supposed to ‘unlock’ them as we go (and there’s only one type of mission?)

That is a bit of a head scratcher.

If they want to get rid of the active shooter mission? Nothing of value would be lost. Kind of tasteless, but also phenomenally lame to play.

But, the bomb defusal mode was fire. That was great fun.