Heatblur F-14A+/B Flight Model - Insiders Report


Originally published at: http://www.mudspike.com/heatblur-f-14ab-flight-model-insiders-report/

Guest contributor Nicholas Pirnia, working as a tester with Heatblur, contributes an article on the F-14A+/B Flight Model coming to Heatblur’s DCS: F-14A+/B Tomcat. All images (except for the Air Force photograph) were provided by Heatblur; Introduction Since early June I have had the privilege to test the upcoming DCS: F-14A/B module from Heatblur simulations. I have…


Great article! I am really looking forward to flying the F14 (as well as the F/A-18 and Harrier). What an amazing time to be involved with the flight simulation hobby.


A really enjoyable read. I think I’m going to be crashing into all sorts of Carrier bits by the sound of it.

Thanks again to all at Heatblur for the exclusive images, @nicholas.dackard and @Fridge for organizing it all and, of course, Nicholas Pirnia for authoring such a great article. :mudspike:



THAT…was a great article! (And I was one of those who was happy to see the Tomcat put to pasture.)


great article but you mis-spelled F-111B dozens of times…lol


@fearlessfrog is there a way we can autocorrect for that? It seems to be happening a lot lately.


In the same “boat” as I look to upgrade my gaming laptop after 6 years just to fly the Tomcat in DCS. Long time fan of the jet pre 1986 movie, and one of the reasons I joined the USN for that rare chance. Having a good time with the Aerosoft model in FSX/P3D until then.


Great read, thanks.