Heatblur Livery Challenge

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Heatblur Simulations Livery Challenge
In association with the DCS: Livery Art Group Discord

DCS: Livery Art Group Discord:


DCS: F-14A

DCS: F-14B



Winners in each category will have their submission included in the official release for the corresponding DCS module (conditions apply, see below).

Runner Up andCommunity Choice will receive a Heatblur module of their choice.


  • One (1) entry per person per category. Bring us your very best.
  • No trademarked logos can appear on liveries. For example, do not create a brown livery and add the UPS logo.
  • No nudity.
  • No profanity.
  • No politics.
  • Liveries should honor the Tomcat / Viggen legacy. For example, you can make a pink teddy bear livery, but let’s be real. It won’t win. It might get an honorary mention though, depending on the teddy bears.


This competition will run for 60 days although extensions can be agreed upon.


Each submission should be presented with no less (but feel free to add beauty shots) than 7 screenshots; front, back, left side, right side, top and bottom of aircraft in full daylight and full view of the screenshot, preferably in 1080, 2k or 4k quality. These can be taken in ModelViewer or ingame. Additionally, close up shots and/or a short video will be appreciated as we may compile the best videos into a publication. Please do not use post-processing (this includes Reshade) for the screenshots. However, videos can be presented in any way you see fit.

A mission where the F-14 and Viggen is flying using autopilot will be provided for ingame video and photos in order to keep all entries on an equal footing.

Each submission must include a zip folder with the livery, ready to be installed and working in DCS as well as a text file that includes name of artist (full name and ED forum user name) and relevant contact information (at the minimum a working email address) - your private information will not be shared without your consent. The winners shall be named by ED forum user name.

No PSD files in the Zip file, please. Winners will be asked to provide source files upon completion of the contest.

Please submit a full livery including pylons. Any artwork not included in the Heatblur paint kits should be your own unless approved by and credited to the original artist.

All submissions are to be posted in this thread only, please:


Please understand that we want to separate discussions and submissions for overview: discussions to be kept in this thread, and submissions in the submission thread only. Any posts not including submissions in the submissions thread will be deleted. thank you for your kind understanding.

Heatblur Simulations reserve the rights to collaborate with any of the winners to adjust the final livery before inclusion into the official release as they see fit. Heatblur Simulations reserves the right to make changes to any selected livery upon inclusion and/ or remove it at a later point. With the submission of your livery and entry into the competition you, the participant, preliminarily agree that your livery, screenshot and video material can be used by Heatblur in any way we see fit. Heatblur Simulations reserve the right to disqualify any entry without reason and to not select any winners. No winners shall be selected if no livery is up to standards, in which case a rerun of the competition will be set for a later date.

Time to brush up the Photoshop skills!

I Look forward to seeing the submissions.

Happy Simming

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Templates available here:

Happy Simming

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Looking forward what the people come up with. @komemiute are you competing?


Get on it @komemiute!! Go go go!


Guys you put too much faith in me.

Besides, no matter how much I’d like to participate I’m seriously caught up in something much more important to me, personally.

Maybe next time…
(plus the only Grumman bird I’d be interested in is the :a6:, so… :wink: )


cough same wings cough

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Wish they’d expose the AI routines to the world similarly; a contest to develop better AI would be nice. Not that the arrangement of pixels isn’t worthy, mind you. Visuals are cool.

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