Heatblur merger

Interesting tidbit announced today overshadowed by the Tomcat release. Seems to be good news. More resources are always better.


Looking at their webpage it also looks like they are hiring! Wonder what will come next…


Looks like they got bought up by Meta Aerospace, which is a private equity backed firm.


Perhaps some govt soup is on the menu. As long as they continue to make more stuff I don’t care. :f14:

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Maybe that will allow team members to quit their day jobs, if that is their intention.


Hopefully cobra and the heatblur team maintain complete control…


“If you need to bring in a business partner, make sure your partner brings along some money.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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What if the intent it to make LESS high fidelity stuff? Like the government is buying up the patent so to speak. (cue nefarious music)

May I introduce the next Meta Aerospace DCS module:



Yep, could be good or bad. The way I see it is that for a team like that in this niche to grow then probably need some sort of market outside of DCS multi-years-long-to-write modules. It’s a bit like ED and MAC, if there is stuff that I wouldn’t buy but it pays the bills enough for me to have future stuff I would buy then it’s all good. I’d love them just to do the A-6, but not sure how realistic that is with these sort of dev times and quality required…

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T-45, T-45, T-45, T-45…


I know, I know…no more trainers…everybody wants things that go boom…

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Honestly, I’d throw money down for a T-45C, or a T-38C, or both…


Cobra Responds on Hoggit
"** Hey guys!

Sorry for the late reply here - I’ve been trying to spare a few hours for celebrations post F-14 Launch to celebrate a real milestone for our team. Let me clarify a few points quickly; I’ve spent 6 years of my life building up to the point where we are today. My dream is, and continues to be, the development of the absolute best in flight simulation- both consumer and professional. That’s what drove us to build the Tomcat and what will continue to drive us moving forward. The reason we announced this today is the direct opposite of your fears; we want this to have as many eyes on it as possible. This is something to be super excited about, because it means positives for everyone! What better day to share than today? :slight_smile:

Our new partnership with Meta is an absolute and absolutely pure positive. Our responsibility to you, our customers, our community and the people who have supported us is always going to be our top priority. I have no doubts we’ll make that even more clear over the coming weeks and months.

Partnering with a real aerospace operator gives us access to SMEs, resources and allows us to focus on delivering quality. If there was any negative downside to taking this route for the Heatblur team, it would have been an immediate and complete showstopper. I can’t begin to describe how aligned our thinking is with the fantastic people at Meta. Take the good you see in us today and amplify it tenfold. We’ve built our reputation and brand on quality and I don’t intend to lead this team into sacrificing our core mission statement: delivering the best and absolutely nothing else.**


Could this be a sign of a new flight sim on the horizon? While Nick talks about their dedication to consumer flght simulations, it struck me as odd that the announcement and subsequent clarifications never specifically mention DCS.

Also it has been awefully quite about the dedicated terrain team that Heatblur supposedly set up some years ago in Poland.

Possible, but right now they are pretty invested into DCS. The lack of mentioning DCS could also be a sign that it doesn’t occur to them in the slightest.

I would find it a pretty odd move to ditch DCS, at least for consumer products (who knows what they do on the professional sim side…).

It can only be good. Nicholas Dackard rocks at building these things. Taking your sweet damn time doing it is a virtue in this artform, not a vice.

The happiest thing I saw on that meta-aviation site he linked is a bunch of job openings. That can only mean good things in the long run.

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This movement is very intriguing, just the day you launch your best product. Hopefully the following is not “Hello, we leave DCS” … (for not a specific mention about DCS on that future projects).

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