Heatblur T-shirts are in!

I finally received my Heatblur F-14 t-shirt!
Actually, I got two!
Don’t know why, but there are two shirts from different brands, with different color and print size…

The VF-31 ”Tomcatters”

No! They’re not tents…!


Might want to run those babies through the dryer. Look a bit wrinkled :slight_smile:


They really should iron them before shipping! :wink:

Mine never showed. Nick was gracious enough to refund my $.
Enjoy yours though.

How long ago did you order Troll?

So Felix the Cat was a terrorist?
Seriously, I need that T

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Cool looking shirts. :sunglasses:


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I ordered on March 1. Got a delivery note on May 7. Arrived June 27.
So, it took quite a while,
Since I got two shirts, of different brands, I wonder if they ran into some sort of production problem.