Heatblur Tomcat T-Shirts

Just got an email from Heatblur with the redemption code for the pre-order F14 T-Shirt.

“To ensure timely shipping, please try to pick your shirt on or prior to March 10th.”

I chose the bombcat, what are you guys getting?



How cool! Good for them and a good case for committing early.

I’m undecided…
The wolfpack, pukin dogs and lions all look like something out of Game of Thrones.
The reaper is cool, but not something I’d like on a t-shirt.
I like the felix too… But I guess I’d like to see a shirt with a Tomcat on it.

Maybe the black aces, because of the Gulf of Sidra?

Edit. Calling @Hangar200.
Which one would you order?

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I’m not exactly unbiased…since they are not offering a T-Shirt featuring the VF-32 Swordsmen i.e. “the cutting edge of the blade of freedom”, i.e. the Mig-23 Killers, i.e. the finest F-14 squadron ever…then I would go with VF-31, Felix. The squadron’s actual name was the Tomcatters. Felix is their radio call sign, as in “Felix 102”. The squadron has a long history. You can find photos of WWII fighters with the Felix emblem.

Also, they where on deployment with me in 2004, aboard CVN-74. I have a photo of the last Pacific Fleet, F-14 launch from a carrier…a VF-31 bird. They also flew the last TARPS mission.

So that would be my pick. :sunglasses:

But…you can’t go wrong with the Puk’in Dogs. Just tell people it’s some ancient Norse lore…the pet of a great shaman from the Faroe Islands…you never want to get on the bad side of those guys. :fearful::fearful:

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Which is why I asked for your expert opinion :wink:

I will heed your advice.