Helicopter collectives from Winwing and K-51


Hmmm… How much work is required to shift the handles?
And I’m not sure about the rotation of the handle? Looks like it moves backwards instead of up…?

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I prefer the look of this tbh.

It will take something special to prise my fingers from my homemade one :blush:


How about this one ?

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That looks very interesting thanks for posting

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You have made a collective? How did I miss this! Pics?

How about this one?


the K-51 is what I’ve been waiting for really,
someone to come up with a solid & comparatively priced controller
not a ‘boutique’ priced unit that cost more than a full stick/throttle/pedal suite.
It certainly looks the goods, is functional, solid and competitively priced.
I’m thinking of getting one to test out and might even grab a second to onsell.
(shipping will probably be more economical with 2 units).


@Hangar200 can mount it horizontally and use it as a sailboat tiller!

:thinking: Or a bilge pump…


Scoop, could you elaborate little on this ? We really like quick reviews :slight_smile:

While Virpils offering is much better looking, this one looks like more modest option.

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It is solidly made. Metal primarily. Some 3d printing but well done.
Three PTT buttons, Two four way hats. Two 2 position switches. One three position switch and a rotary dial

The bottom is open so by turning it upside down the electronics can be seen (repair access, but the side can also be removed for this?)

My brother is an electronics designer all his life in Telecoms primarily. He says the electrics are well put together - they are VIRPIL products.
It requires VIRPIL software which is free. A link and instructions are provided. Once the download was made it was plug and play by usb. Cable provided

No curves or settings of any sort required.

It comes with a mounting plate.

This can be installed by removing the left arm rest and using the chairs bolts/holes for the mounting plate The collective is then attached to the mounting plate. It worked well on my old office chair… alternatively the plate can be screwed into the underside of the chair. (see first photo above)
NB keep the bolts on the collective loose at first. The K51 allows the collective unit to slide backwards and forwards to adjust its position. I have the base plate near the back of the armrest. The collective can then be moved further back and then tighten the bolts (first photo)

Because my chair was very uncomfortable I bought an Ikea Markus chair for DCS use. The arm rest bolts are too wide to fit in the slots of the mounting plate. It would need a good drill bit to make the mounting plate fit. I got around the problem quickly (2 minutes to fit) by simply attaching the plate to the arm rest using cable ties. The ties need to be positioned well but it is quick, cheap and simple to do. It gives a good stable base for the collective and requires no skill to fit. The armrest remains in place.

Flying helicopters with it is dramatically easier-

With the friction set fully lose, the collective remains where you placed it if you let go. I fly with the friction tightened slightly to give me more tactile feedback. A personal choice.

Instead of a twist throttle there is a large rotary dial (fore and aft) on the right of the collective. I use this as a throttle to enable me to fly autorotation’s. It is very satisfying to wind back the throttle, plummet under control to the ground and flare. Then opening up the throttle and the helicopter takes off again. For my pre K51 autorotation’s it was a question of did I survive the impact or did I just destroy the Huey.

Accuracy in the hover is more than satisfactory. It is a reflection less of the K51 but more a question of how good the pilot is. I cannot blame the K51for my failings.

I fly the Huey so there is not much need for lots of buttons. However I keep my X56 throttle on the left of the chair. Even in VR I can use it as a button box so all the functions I could wish for can be bound.

Purchasing. I would do so again. It proved a simple process with delivery faster than I was advised at first and I was kept well informed. You begin by going on the ED forums and requesting being placed on the waiting list for one. You are advised by Mikhail how long this is likely to be. Next you receive an email asking if you still want one and you pay a deposit. Followed by the full payment.
Сollective pitch control lever - Page 16 - For Sale - ED Forums

Storage. It can be removed from the chair by two bolts. I find the chair remains usable with the K51 fitted. I like to ‘park’ the collective in the upright position (full power) to avoid knocks when getting in or out. CAUTION. Remember to lower the collective before you go into a helicopter with the engine already running!

Packaging was tasteful and very well done. Apart from mounting, it is fully assembled

I would buy another. I don’t think I will though as it is so well built it will outlive me. I would allow soldiers or @Victork2 's son to use it and have no fear for breakages

Cost UK £183 plus £44 postage. No tax asked for by customs.

NB I have not been paid in any way for this review.


I am awaiting delivery of the K-51 collective which I have ordered on June 4th.
Delivery to the Netherlands took 8 days. The package is still transit from customs to my home.

Customs charged 14,60 euro.

I have prepared a piece of wood under my office chair to mount the collective and I am still preparing proper placement of my Saitek panel and Warthog throttle.


The package from Russia has been delivered!

Big box

Sturdy packaged

First attempt to fix it to my office chair

Happy with the result

Now on to DCS!


Hi there,
I bought this item, but I did a mistake. Trying to calibrate the axis with the Virlpil sw, it ask me to upgrade the firmware. It did it but I lost the configuration of all axis and button. Has someone this file available to let me working again the K-51?

Hey there, @Bigbearub and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:
Did you try to contact the producer of the K-51? [email protected]

Yes, I did. Until last tuesday he wrote to me, but he stop to do it. I’m afraid about comunications at the moment.

Ah, of course, he’s in Russia. I forgot.
Maybe @Leader98 can help you out?

Mikhail is very active on the DCS forum.
See Сollective pitch control lever - Page 30 - For Sale - ED Forums where someone claims to have fixed a similar issue.

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I saw some conversations (by you?) on the ED forum. Are your problems solved now?