Helicopter Gunship D.E.X

I think this game deserves its own thread.

It’s currently in Early Access on Steam, it’s clearly inspired by flight sims of the 90s, like Microprose Gunship 2000, Jane’s Longbow 1 and 2, Comanche 3, EEAH / EECH.

It’s still rough around the edges, but the amount of new features being added on basically daily basis is astounding considering this is basically a one-man-show.

It’s not as sophisticated as DCS helo modules, it has simplified flight model (though still feels pretty realistic), so you will not need to trim your helo constantly, and forcus on actual combat.

Currently the game provides simple random mission generator (like in old Microprose games - F-19 / GS2000), but the dev is planning some kind of semi-dynamic campaign in concept similar to Eidos’ Joint Strike Fighter, which was pretty cool actually. It already has a small selection of flyable choppers - Apache / Longbow, Gazelle and Lynx in several variants.

This is how the latest version of the game looks like:

If you want to check it out yourself, here’s the Steam link:

Demo is apparently coming soon, so no need to feel urged into buying anything.


I get lots of good vibes from this video.
Have you heard anything of VR implementation?

The dev said he only would implement basic VR features, because going full controllers support would mean rebuilding of the whole UI etc. So even IF it’s in, it will only be just for headtracking and stereoscopic vision basically.

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It reminds me a bit of Apache Air Assault, a game that was available on PC and Xbox in the early 2010s.

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Awesome! Thanks for the HU and link - bought and downloading now :smiley:

Reminds me of DI’s Apache, plus others of a similar name - had 'em all, loved 'em all!


Coming along nicely…

The MQ-9A drone support unit is coming along nicely.

I’ve managed to tie it into the various systems that I’d already written for the helicopters and given it a very basic flight model.

I had to refactor a lot of code to get it to work but the upside is that these changes also pave the way for you to be able to “hot swap” between wingman helicopters mid-mission which should be quite fun to do.

I’ve also added some basic A.I. to the drone so that it can now follow pre-set waypoints accurately.

Once this support unit is done I shall be looking at adding in some REDFOR A.I. fixed wing assets to the game such as the SU-25 to really start mixing things up!

This will also require Stinger and AIM-9 missiles to be added to your available weapons and, finally, I’ll be able to give the Apache’s their correct loadouts rather than having TOW/Hellfires on the wingtips!

It’s going to be tight, but I think the AH-1Z will also make it into the game this week which will make this weeks “meaningful” update quite a good one!

Next week I will be looking at developing the next terrain zone to keep things interesting. It will still be a desert based location but will include coastal regions so that I can see how much of a performance impact a “real” 3D ocean will have.


Yup, Jim recently added AH-1Z Viper, it’s a nice helo to fly. Soon there will be new terrain type available - desert coast with LHD/LHA, that gives some serious Gunship 2000 vibes.

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That new Viper and Reaper drone are fun as hell.

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Nice! If only EECH could be like this! Then in VR as well… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I guess it’s time for an update. New Norway terrain is now available to play in!

It’s based on real topography this time (desert terrain was randomly generated). It models the island west of Hammerfest.


Wow! What?
That’s so incredibly cool!
Sørøya (literally Southern Island) is north of here, We operate daily flights to Hasvik.

Who are the developers of this simgame? Are they Norwegians?

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No, the guy making this is from UK I believe?


Did you try this with VorpX?

I’m using Track IR, HGD doesn’t support any VR headset at this time.

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The guy is getting another customer. :+1:


Watched the video linked in above, DCS AH-64 question:

I know the PNVS or TADS can be displayed in the IHADS, as the pilot can I zoom in and out with it displayed in the IHADS like he’s doing in DEX? If so I need to figure that out, as that would be a mighty handy sensor to have.

IIRC you can do it when you display TADS image. Though TADS is usually used by CP/G and has slower slew speed (image will lag behind fast head movement). PNVS is 2x faster but lacks zoom funcionality.

I always take the PNVS when in the back seat. I’ll have to mess with the TADS and see how that goes.

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I’m curious myself as I never tried it in DCS. It worked in Microprose Gunship! though :wink:

Fired up DCS today to chek if you can zoom the image, and it looks like it’s impossible when using PNVS or TADS as pilot, even when I switched to CP/G and enabled NVS I couldn’t zoom the displayed TADS image on the IHADSS (when cueing TADS via Helmet movement). I guess you can only use zoom function when using TADS with the TEDAC hand grips.

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