Helicopters simulation comparison

Recently I got opportunity get to know and speak with helicopter pilot, man who is pilot on Mil Mi-171Š Czech Air Force helicopter base located in Náměšť nad Oslavou (Czech Republic) on ours virtual squadron Falcon BMS meeting in the same location.

Later we openned disscusion on theme how realistic is DCS World vs Falcon BMS because one our member - Slide (well know in DCS and Falcon online community as dogfighter) let say said that he is not fan of DCS but he must prefer it because there is of the most dogfighters are there.

Our real heli pilot during disscussion said about simulation of helicopters in DCS and others on the market this:
“If Falcon can simulate at least average helicopters so calmly… that’s how DCS does it - currently the most faithful helicopter simulator I’ve had the chance to compare. (Others: X-plane: sufficient in places otherwise terrible. Profi from VR group in CLV: Mi-2 sufficient for learning with a helicopter. Mi-17 terrible. Mi-171Š from dynamics in HTP Ostrava more faithful in limit modes and control systems than DCS otherwise I rate the Mi171Š better in DCS)”

To be honest I didn’t know that in my city we had Czech Republic Air Force trainer simulator for Mi-171Š.
Additonally one other our virtual squadron member as reaction on the text up said:
“You didn’t make me happy with the X-plane, I bought it just for the heli.”