Helicopters Video Thread


Didn’t see one dedicated to these aircraft so I thought I’d start one. If there is already one, moderators please move my post to that thread.

My first example:


Apache vs Huey


Some sexy mil action:


Oh I love this one. I’ve got this one in my helicopter folder with my YouTube account. This is a beauty.


One of my all time favorites.


Another favorite.


One of my favorite Mi-8 videos.


Oldie but a goodie. Low level flying craziness showing off some real agility.


I like this thread, this was a excellent idea!


Thanks. :slight_smile: I always enjoy the other video threads in this forum but noticed recently there wasn’t a dedicated helicopter thread. So, what the heck. Going through this thread makes you want to fly some DCS, X-Plane, FSX, or Prepar3D helicopters doesn’t it? :wink:


Great find! I remember that one. That is the BO-105 right? Beautiful helicopter indeed! I’m really looking forward to flying that one in DCS, hopefully sooner rather than later.


Some Super Huey Gunship action.


Yep thats there one… some ballsy manoeuvers.


Some Magnum P.I. style MD500 pron after you’ve flown combat missions all day :grin:


Nice l’il VIP extraction :slight_smile:


I really really loved the Helo scenes in Black Hawk Down… (sadly on mobile so I can’t really put a YouTube Link… :sadpanda:)


LOL! As fate would have it I actually watched that movie last night. Wife is away for weekend. Therefore I could watch the movie and crank up the surround sound to insane levels. :grinning: My favorite scene in the movie with the sound turned way, way up is the one where the mission commander call “Irene” and you’ve got all those helicopters revving up their engines and doing a mass take-off.


Yup. That scene is Sim-Boner material alright… :sunglasses:


Polish Helicopters in Afghanistan. Beautiful HD video of some very cool camera angles.


Gorgeous! I really enjoy the Gear up/down sequence of that Hind!

I also wonder if the pilots have a game where they try and draw the longest streak in the gravelly bit at the end of the runway :smiley: