Hell Let Loose Screenshots

I picked up Hell Let Loose today at Fanatical.com They have a pretty good discount on it right now. I’ve been eyeing for awhile now. I’ve played it on a couple of free weekends, but I was coming from playing COD or BF and you need to take it slower and more careful. I’ve played a couple of hours so far, as a rifleman. Don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m able to get some kills once in awhile, which slightly offsets my frequent deaths.


I’ve read a lot of good things about this game.

Nice pics.

Love that the maps are historical recreations.

I haven’t had as much time to play it as I would like yet, but It can be very immersive at times. Artillery bombardments are amazing to observe as well as being strafed by aircraft.

Requires good teamwork communications to achieve goals though so not a quick jump in and run-n-gun like Battlefield.

Only issue is servers always seem to be full so it can take some time for friends to team up.

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It’s a fun and intense game. :grimacing: I started when it was alpha in 2018. It has gone through some major changes/upgrades and it’s still evolving.

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Man, I played another 3 hr session today. I had a good squad from the beginning and didn’t feel like stopping until they left.

In that three hours I barely got any kills and died frequently, but it was really fun.


I was reeling from my less than positive ArmA Reforger experience so I had to get myself confident in my system’s capability (4K) again.

Hell Let Loose ROCKS! Only 88 keybinds too! Looking forward to figuring this game out.

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I have over 10 hrs into this now. I love it, even if I’m repeatedly dying, not getting any kills and running all over the map.

This might help.


If you need a clueless squad mate hit me up. I would like to try armor at some point too.

I’m enjoying this as well. Though I don’t have a mic, by choice, not sure how much that is appreciated

How to see the enemy? Get a big 4K panel! :+1: I can’t believe they’re still selling monitors under 55" these days. Cheap 4K panel is all ya need.

blah to flatpanels…looks amazing on this

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