Hellion - A space survival adventure


Had some fun last night on @near_blind’s server. Found ourselves a space station near an asteroid. Had a crew, power, command, and cargo module.
View from the command module
You can see where @near_blind’s rifle clipped through the station.

The cargo bay opening.

And out floats near_blind.

Although it is not without some glitches,

@Tankerwade floating to the cargo bay of our ship

Waking from cryosleep and getting suited up

All in all I am impressed with this early access. There is a lot of potential and soon as they get some of the bugs worked out, like the killer d-sync, it should be much more enjoyable. Can’t wait to do some more exploring.


And the first combat related death on the Mudspike server goes to @Bogusheadbox

It was all done in the name of testing the game, honest.


New update today, supposed to fix the issue with the touchiness of the RCS. Let’s home it makes arresting your movement easier. Hopefully @near_blind will be able to get the server updated so we can test it out.


No update gets to be put on the server. not no way, not no how.

Well, for the next nine or so hours at least.


I shall be impatiently waiting…


Looks like a new update coming today. Calls for a server wipe.

From their Facebook page:
Attention survivors! A new patch (0.1.5) is coming and we will have servers down today (March 3rd) from 5PM to 7PM UTC. Servers will be wiped and we want to ask private dedicated server owners to remove server state save files. Patch notes soon to be announced. We apologize for the short notice, it’s kind of a surprise for a smooth weekend gameplay in Hellion!


I’ll take care of it when I get home from lunch ~2:30ish Eastern.


YAY!!! Waiting to see what they have fixed in this patch.


Yay! I may be off early today too!


Matching velocity now works, or so the patch says.

Patch 0.1.5 notes
Hellion – Patch v0.1.5

Yet another new update for Hellion. Patch 0.1.5 brings several new features and a number of UI improvements and bug fixes. Most importantly it enables the Match Velocity function and fixes a number of issues with the Random Outpost spawn option.

Space is deadly enough without having to worry about your ship drifting away from you while you are on a salvage run. Match velocity function should now become available once you slow down to about 2m/s relative to your target. Speed display on the ship’s HUD has also been reworked to show decimal numbers and help you more easily bring your speed down to desired values.

Another thing that many of you have noticed was that losing your ship effectively meant having to restart from scratch regardless of how many times you’ve invested into upgrading your home base. In order to fix this issue we have made a number of tweaks to the arena. First and foremost a new ship will now spawn near the arena every 30 min if there is no ship present. This will allow players who’ve lost their ship, but do not want to restart the game to use Random Outposts in order to obtain a new ship. To help with this all items found inside the arena will now respawn after a while if they were looted. Also arena life support systems are now constantly online to prevent loss of oxygen in the starting area.

Aside from these improvements we’ve done a number of fixes regarding common issues. You can find full patch 0.1.5 notes here:

Patch notes - Hellion - Version 0.1.5

New features

• Match velocity feature enabled (double SHIFT when the relative speed is less than 2m/s)
• Random outpost – a new ship will spawn near the station every 30 minutes if the previous one was driven away


• Respawn option no longer disconnects player from server
• Random outpost - Items will respawn again after being taken away
• Audio settings for voice chat added
• Invite friend option – friend list should work properly now
• Docking inteface / HUD - relative speeds represented as decimal values
• Random outpost - Life support systems are always turned on and oxygen level in cargo set to maximum
• Items and systems now support different settings per scene
• Warp - camera shake reduced during warp
• Character names capped at 32 characters max
• When the game is started, it checks and auto-updates via Steam (if new version is available)

Bug fixes

• Canister to Cargo transfer – fixed.
• Invisible asteroid/module upon leaving warp – fixed
• Drill display – battery status/charge fixed and properly updating
• Drill display – multiple ore in canister display – fixed
• Life support panel should now show connected rooms properly
• No damage/kill in shooting encounters – fixed
• Invite to starting module was not displayed to invited player – fixed


Home now, gonna check it out…

I just have to say this. I am a huge sci fi and space fan. What i like so much about Hellion and ksp, is that in space, your ships need to be handled slow and deliberately, instead of insta turning ships on rails.

Please please please, hellion, don’t dumb anything down.


Server’s updated


Necro thread revival.

Hellion has undergone quite a few changes and I have delved back online to check it out.

Its far more stable now. The old MULE is a findable item now and the starter ship is a lot smaller and nimbler.
The starter ship called the Steropes has a few limitations but benefits. Firstly its very efficient and fast on the warp. However having said that, it has no power generation and reactor core. Therefore it relies solely on solar panels and capacitors and warp cells. So jumping and energy management is a thing… (more on that later)

Debris fields have been around for a while but are effective. You can suffer no, minor, or have a solid impact whilst in a debris field. Obviously, whilst in EVA you run the risk of your character copping a bit of a knock needing medical attention.

Its very addicting gameplay. You MUST forage for items, resources and materials to stay alive and keep your station and ship in running order through repairs.

Hellion is a dangerous place. Not really from other players on line, and in two days of play I have not seen another player. But there are lots of different servers, so players are spread widely. The system is huge and therefore encounters are minimal unless you frequent a known station for collecting resources (there are often permanent facilities around each planet that spawns goodies). Then you run the run the risk of running into another forager.

The usual rules apply from back in the day when we were playing. You launch in the starter area. The starter area is where a lot of new people die and respawn leaving their previous items in orbit. So naturally its a good picking spot for looters.

So start a new game. Grab your kit. Raid the nearby floating airlock and derelict. Next, I would suggest undocking your CQM module (the one you first wake in with only one cryo pod). Take everything from inside and also drain its Nitro (RCS FUEL). You don’t need this as your crew module has 2 cryo pods and a refinement station. There is another reason to get rid of it as I will allude to in a story below.

Once you have gathered all the stuff and undocked the CQM module, jump into the Steropes and dock to the crew module which is now your new base. (don’t forget to imprint yourself to the new cryo pod). Docking is different now. Each module has an anchor point and you no longer dock to an airlock or connection point. Its now to anchor points. Therefore EVA is essential between ship and modules/stations.

now make a custom orbit a fair way out of the starter planet. don’t be afraid to make it a long way out. The further the less likely your station will be detected. Warp to there and that is now your station hidden from others and your starting off point in Hellion.

So back to the dangers of Hellion.

Day 1 Consequences of not thinking about it.

went very well. I had moved my station to a custom orbit, connected the CQM module (and this is a reason to get rid of it) and was looking for a refinery module so I can recycle gathered items and make items. I had lots of goodies and was well established.

Jumping to another planetoid, I quickly scouted out and found the refinery module I was looking for. Taking that back to base I expertly dropped it off and docked it to my station…

However, the CQM module only has one port and the refinery module only has one port. So docking it to the crew module that had only 2 ports, meant that there was no way for me to enter my station. Jeffries tubes do not open like they used to. So my fantastic station was not so fantastic as I could not get inside D’oh !!.. End of day one and a new character made.

Day 2. A combination of Stupidity and really really bad timing.

Started off well again, moved my station (this time without the CQM module) and did a good job scouring items to fill my Steropes starter ship. I did rather well. This time I wanted to raid a known station (focal point of other players) for goodies. I plot the route and engage warp drive. During the jump I check out what stocks I have and end up in engineering having a look-see.

Remember the old adage of “what does this button do?”

Well I see my warp detonator container and wonder what state that is in. So I push the green button to open it up and check…….

My ship drops hard out of warp. There are loud bangs, I have landed deep in a debris field. Ahhh ok, no big problem, I will run back to the cockpit and replot my journey. Loading up the nav map, it seems I have dropped out of warp at the closest point to the planet. My orbit here is no longer an orbit but a ballistic trajectory to a hot death in a vessel that does not do re-entry.

I plot the course and quickly rain down the timers so I can jump as quickly as possible. Whilst I was doing this, my ship was struck by a large piece of debris. My ship is now black, no power.

Checking the orbit, I am already on the downwards arc towards the planet. I need to move quickly. Sprinting back to storage and grabbing the repair gun, its back in the airlock to run its cycle. The exterior door opens up and I quickly locate the damage and reapir.

Back to the airlock and finally get inside. Its time to jump in the pilots seat and get out of here. But there is no power… What the Hell !!!

Checking the status board the ship is in good condition now, maybe the answer lies in engineering. Sprinting back there, I can see the solar panels are not deployed. Grrrrr I thought and press the deploy button. I watch the open and come on line… but …… No power.

My ship is dark, very dark and this is where the “penny drops”. I walk over to the window in the airlock and then the flight deck. Its here my heart sinks as I realise the scope of my troubles. Whilst repairing, my ship had traversed to the dark side of the planet. There is no solar power to power the engines.

Checking the nav map its also clear that I will re-enter the planet before sun hits my panels. My last ditch effort is using RCS to try and amend what I can, but its to no avail. I sit there enjoying the view as the planet grows larger… and larger……