Hello and What About That F-14B Tomcat

Well now I’m confused. :thinking:

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While I’m amused.

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I remember no cold starts, just lots of check writing beyond the body’s cash limit. Also, DCS: Hot Instructor has NOT been confirmed, so…

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…and some hooting-and-hollering about the need for speed with complementary high-fives while walking out to the jet …yeah that really happened a lot…yes, that was sarcasm. :smile:

You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain…

Have you lost that loving feeling?

This goes any further and it won’t be confusing or amusing, but erotic.


I’m sitting at the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away…

I hate it when she does that.

Goodness gracious…

:rofl::rofl: I’d love to post some more but I’ve got to go hit the highway…to the danger zone…

@DeltaXrayBravo is probably wondering what asylum we all broke out of…


You’re dangerous…

I think we’re all just anxious for Heatblur to hurry and drop the F-14 to the public so we can start flying!!!

You can be my wingman anytime…

That’s right I am dangerous…@Troll Man!

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Actually, everyone should add me on steam, and then we’ll all hop on DCS tonight, or tomorrow night. We can hop on Discord too, so we can all talk and practice our Carrier Landings in either, SU-33 or F/A-18C.




OK, everyone let’s get bare chested and oil each other, we need to sort this with a BeachVolley match…


Not what I was thinking about hahaha

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What would be better to practice Carrier landings in? SU-33 or FA18

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