Hello and What About That F-14B Tomcat

It really depends… I never practiced any so far.
I am the A-6 guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

In reality I’d go for the F18. It’s the most modeled naval aircraft available.

I think you must be quite young. :slight_smile:
We have all been just quoting “Top Gun”.

That’s what I was thinking but the 33 is alot bigger than the 18 and the 14 is alot bigger than the 18 so I was thinking getting used to the size would be good

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I knew you guys have been quoting TopGun. I’m in school though, trying not to laugh at some of the quotes tho. You through in a nice pic of IceMan

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In the end they’re all different machines so I think learning a solid procedure is much more important than the airframe you’re using.
Start by getting repeatable results in different conditions…

I’d use the A-4 to practice carrier landings for the kitty. Sure it’s tiny compared to the cat, but it’s as analogue while the Su-33 and F/A-18 both are very much fly by wire.

On the other hand, the -33 is big like a tomcat and also lacks a flight path marker, so yeah.


Then, dude, I’ll enter dad mode and ask you to not repeat my mistakes: listen carefully the teacher in class and put away your phone.

Alright, thank-you! That’s a good idea!

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It was actually @JediMaster. :stuck_out_tongue:
He has a thing for pilots. :wink:

We have school computers, and I’m in English class.

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Hehehe OK OK …

Did you guys copy the Manual I sent? Or do you want me to email you a copy of it?

The plaque for the alternates is down by the ladies room…

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Oh My God you crack me up

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Has anyone tried landing Hornet on the Kuz or 33 on the Vinson yet?
I’m assuming takeoffs won’t work because of cat/ramp thing.

Yes, as well as the A-4 on both. Takeoffs can be done with all three if you use the full deck length.

Yes…I am sure that’s what it is.

And with that statement, my “Low Sarcasm Light” light is blinking red. Time to hit the sarcasm tanker or RTB. :smirk:

Just curios. How many of us saw Topgun in a first run theater when it came in 1986…go ahead, don’t be shy, raise your hands high. Here’s mine. :raised_hand:


Could have, would have, should have, but my parents thought that it was imperialist capitalist propaganda schlock so they didn’t offer to take plane-crazy little schurem to go see it.


Saw it multiple times in fact. :raised_hand: :raised_hand::raised_hand:

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LOL! Well, they were essentially correct about the schlock part. I was in an F-14 squadron at the time…I am pretty sure it was mandatory schlock for me. :sunglasses: