Hello - my name is Chris, and I'm addicted to X-Plane.org sales

I actually find myself getting excited each day as noon draws near. A new daily deal runs for 24-hours each day with discounts running from 20 to 70% off depending on the product. Some days are bleh…not interested…but some days (like today), I get my fix. My X-Plane hangar is growing quite nicely now…to the point where I pretty much only fire up FSX occasionally to write magazine articles.

X-Plane.org Daily Deals Link

Today it’s the Dreamfoil Bell 407…! Nice!

This hobby is like a drug…but at least it’s interactive. And it does have some professional side-effects like keeping me a bit sharper in the real airplane (in case I ever have to shoot that NDB circle to land in Alaska at night…LOL.!)

So what’s your current addiction?


I’m lucky - I don’t get addicted to things like video games.



That’s like…more hours than my son has been alive… (in Metric)…

I am lucky - I dont have enough spare time to get addicted :grinning::cry: