Hello, My name is Paul, and I'm a (VR) DCS Addict

I think I am going to take back all I have said to encourage people to buy a Rift (or Vive). This is getting darned expensive!

Since getting the Rift at the end of April, I have added the following to my DCS hangar: M2000C, L39, Mig 15, Mig 21 and tonight I pulled the trigger on the Gazelle. I also want the F5E but that might have to wait until my birthday. On top of that I also picked up Aerofly FS 2 and the Switzerland DLC, oh, and the Museum Relic campaign. :scream:

I’m a lost cause. :wink:


I am really glad my PC is too slow for VR right now.
That way I can wait for the next VR device generation and keep some money until then. :smiley:

Received an email from UPS this morning…

Hi Dan, you have a package coming tomorrow.

Scheduled Delivery Date: Wednesday, 08/17/2016
Estimated Delivery Time: 02:45 PM - 06:45 PM


Might have play the sick child card tomorrow.

That’s awesome Chipwich. You might want to take a couple of days off because you will be up all night! I was on the first day. :slight_smile:

Thanks @PaulRix. I’ve been working my way through this thread in preparation.

And I’m in the Room Like:


This is the latest module being added to DCS exclusively for VR pilots.


Yep, had to have the F5E. Sigh. Fortunately that is the last module I am interested in at present. It also means that I am pretty much caught up, so I should only need to purchase one module at a time as they are released from this point forward.

Cue music from Top Gun

Well, of course I’ll have to get the F14 when it is released. That goes without saying :wink: