Hello my name is Simon and I am an addict RDR2

I am afraid I have stopped flying since I bought some new games at Christmas.
Onward and half life alyx to use my new oculus controllers
Cyberpunk 2077 because of the hype and Red Dead redemption 2.
I tried both of the titles with the controllers and while they seem great and look nice enough I need a dedicated room scale space or whatever its called and I don’t have the physical space to set one up.
I tried cyberpunk and quite liked it but the game that has taken over my life is rdr2. It looks so beautiful on my new monitor and the gameplay is like nothing I have encountered.
It is a grind at first and takes some getting used to.
There are several role types you can embark on. The first I chose was trader and this involves killing lots of animals learning how best to tackle each type to keep the value of a carcass supplying the camp with pelts and carcasses for your partner to convert into goods. Once the goods are produced you have to deliver them gaining xp money and gold.

I started this topic and realised I have no time to go to on depth so I will resume with more tomorrow.
Sufice to say I now have over 100 hours gametime already


I am afraid that RDR2 would be quite addictive… I wonder if I could play it in VR on a desktop view, or something.

You can with Vorpx but tbh it’s so pretty on a wide screen,
I need a stetson if you great guys in the US of A want a challenge :blush:

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I don’t have a widescreen, nor the room for one… Do you need headtracking for the 2D experience of RDR2? If it’s like GTA it should be possible to play on VR Desktop, simulating I have a huuuge widescreen monitor. :slight_smile:

Are you playing online or the single player and just doing your own thing? My daughter sort of got addicted in the summer, with many over dinner tells of various animal hunts she spent hours doing - crouching in the grass hoping to get a Legendary Pronghorn etc. The hunting is very strategic apparently.

The three of us did try out the multiplayer missions a couple of times, and it was fun. We ended up just riding around on the train getting shot at by strangers but I can see the appeal. The MP was very ‘buy gold with real money!’ pushy, so that was off-putting.

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I am online mostly, the story unlocks stuff you need like the ability to remove a saddle. I possed up with some random people and we did some bointy hunter missions, that was fun.
A Mudspike posse would be the ultimate :ok_hand:

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Was kind of surprised to see RDR2 Online for only $5 - there’s a lot of content in there, although the single player is worth a play (great story) but this is good value.

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I played a ton of the SP, and you’re right, this is a great, great game.


Maybe I need to give it another go. I found it grindy. But I was trying to advance the story. Your path is smarter. Pick an expertise and try to excel at it.

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That’s why I have not bought it yet :laughing:

Oh No Deal With It GIF by DreamWorks Animation
(the new GIF search works pretty well :-))


I wasn’t keen on the first one. The whole “western” thing never really gripped me.

It sure is pretty


It’s a gorgeous game, and like a lot of Rockstar’s stuff, the environment is almost like a really important character for them. The New Orleans proxy area is another place where the game really shines in a suburban way, and is a great contrast with the nature.

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